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Feb 2023 27 Feb 27, 2023

[I recently posted here on my website 70 sermon manuscripts that will take you verse by verse through the Gospel of John. Click on Resources at the top of the home page and then Articles. You’ll find the series on John in the left hand column. In view of my having preached through John, I found Michael Kruger’s article on seven reasons why the gospel of John is so special to be quite insightful and helpful. I think you’ll enjoy it.] “One of these...Read More

Feb 2023 18 Feb 18, 2023

I’ll bet that title caught your attention, didn’t it? Perhaps you immediately thought that the “prophecies” came in advance and spoke to the beginning of the awakening. No. In fact, they concern its end. Let me say from the start that I believe what has been happening at Asbury (and now at numerous other universities) is a true God-sent outpouring of the Spirit. I couldn’t care less what you call it: Revival? Awakening? Renewal? What’...Read More

Feb 2023 17 Feb 17, 2023

By Craig KeenerFebruary 16, 2023 “I thought you were praying for revival. What are you doing downstairs?” With those words, my wife summoned me from my basement last Wednesday evening, where I was working on a very long book and neglecting what was happening on the campus of Asbury University. I teach at neighboring Asbury Seminary. And if you’ve following the news, you know that people have been streaming to the university—and now the seminary&...Read More

Feb 2023 17 Feb 17, 2023

February 14th, 2023 Dr. Timothy Tennent Something special happened last Wednesday in the chapel of Asbury University chapel. The Lord began to move in the lives of a group of students. These embers have now been fanned into flame and there is clearly a definite move of God in our midst. We should not spend too much time looking for human causality, though there have been many praying earnestly for years for this. It is first, last and foremost a tribute to the grace of...Read More

Feb 2023 13 Feb 13, 2023

Much is being said these days about being baptized, not so much for the first time, but for the second, perhaps even the third. This isn’t an issue that should cause division among Christians, but I must say that I don’t see anything in Scripture that refers to more than one baptism in water. Perhaps what we all need isn’t so much to be baptized a second time but rather to renew the commitment that we made the first time we were immersed in water. Here...Read More

Feb 2023 9 Feb 9, 2023

I’m happy to announce that my entire verse-by-verse exposition of Romans is now available on the website. There are 65 sermon manuscripts for you to use. Click on Resources at the top of the home page, then click on Articles. Scroll down on the left side of the page until you see Romans (65). As is always the case with my material, you are free to copy and make use of these sermons in any way that you deem helpful to the body of Christ. Blessings! Sam...Read More

Feb 2023 7 Feb 7, 2023

Here is the link to my interview with Dennis Metzler on spiritual gifts. Enjoy!...Read More

Feb 2023 6 Feb 6, 2023

We need to give serious thought to our confession of God as Triune. You may not be aware of this, but there are some who profess to be orthodox evangelicals who deny the Trinity. They don’t simply lack knowledge of orthodox Trinitarianism. This isn’t a case of someone who simply confesses that they do not understand how there can be only one God who exists eternally as three co-equal persons. They hold to what has been called “Oneness” doctrine. T...Read More

Feb 2023 1 Feb 1, 2023

This is a question I’m often asked, and the simple answer is Yes! But here is a more in-depth response from Richard Baxter in his book, The Saints’ Everlasting Rest. “Some people ask if we will know each other in heaven. Surely no knowledge will cease except that which implies our imperfection, and what imperfection can this imply? No, our present knowledge will be increased beyond belief. It will indeed be put away but only as the light of the candle ...Read More