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Nov 2019 25 Nov 25, 2019

The news has been filled of late with stories of so-called “de-conversions,” especially among some high-profile professing Christian leaders. I’m not here to analyze their lives or their purported reasons for turning away from Jesus. But it did get me thinking about why I am a Christian and am determined, by God’s sustaining gracious presence and power, to remain one forever. There are, of course, numerous reasons why I find Christianity compelli...Read More

Nov 2019 20 Nov 20, 2019

This will most likely be the last article I write in response to my friend Denny Burk. In case you are just now dropping in on the conversation, Denny has responded twice to my argument that “pastor” in the NT is a spiritual gift, not an office. My conclusion from the way that the terminology is used in the NT is that women may well receive this gift. So, yes, I still maintain that it is compatible with complementarianism for a woman to be called a “pas...Read More

Nov 2019 4 Nov 4, 2019

My friend Denny Burk recently wrote a blog article in response to mine on whether or not it is biblically permissible to call a woman a “pastor”. I appreciate his taking the time to give serious consideration to my argument, but I fear that he has misunderstood the primary point that I labored to make. Denny cites the development of the Baptist Faith & Message (hereafter BF&M) by pointing out that “all three terms (bishop/elder/pastor) are mere...Read More