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Mar 2020 30 Mar 30, 2020

Bridgeway Church likely is no different from other gospel-centered churches when it comes to the frequency and variety of suffering that people endure. On top of all it all, we can now add the emotional instability and, on the part of some, panic that has set in as we watch the spread of Covid-19. I’m inclined to think the best way to respond to such personal tragedies, such as the sudden and inexplicable death of a loved one or an extended illness or the loss of ...Read More

Mar 2020 23 Mar 23, 2020

This is our final study of Isaiah 6. The practical application we find in this encounter with the holiness of God is profound. There are five things to note: (1) Personal holiness begins with an awareness of who God is. (2) An awareness of who God is leads to an awareness of who we are. (3) An awareness of who we are leads to personal confession and repentance. (4) Repentance leads to forgiveness and cleansing. (5) Forgiveness leads to mission. We must never forget that...Read More

Mar 2020 18 Mar 18, 2020

I know that many of you are reeling in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak, seeking something to lay hold of and bring some measure of hope and stability into your life. May I suggest, no, may I strongly urge you to watch this short, 5-minute video of Rachel Wilson, wife of my good friend, Andrew Wilson? Andrew posted it today. It may turn out to be the most encouraging 5 minutes of your day. https://thinktheology.co.uk/blog/article/kissing_the_wave  ...Read More

Mar 2020 17 Mar 17, 2020

I recently recorded an hour-long podcast with Alexis Busetti, focusing on my spiritual journey and how I came to believe in the contemporary validity and operation of all spiritual gifts. Alexis tells me that it is “also available through iTunes, GooglePlay, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, basically everywhere podcasts are available.” Her podcast is called, That Makes Total Sense, and here is the link. https://cisternandgrove.com/podcast/episode-030-sam-storms/...Read More

Mar 2020 16 Mar 16, 2020

In the previous article we took note of his reaction when Isaiah first saw God and then the angels that surrounded the throne. Today we look at the third thing Isaiah saw: himself (Isaiah 6:5-8). Seeing God does not produce rapture or giddiness or religious flippancy. It produces terror and self-loathing. Isaiah does not respond with pride or elitism, boasting that he alone has experienced this wonderful privilege. He is undone! He sees himself as insufferably unrighteo...Read More

Mar 2020 11 Mar 11, 2020

In this article we continue our study of Isaiah 6 and what it tells us about the Son of God, whose “glory” Isaiah saw (see John 12:41). A careful reading of this passage will show that Isaiah saw three things: the Lord, the angels, and himself. Isaiah sees the Lord We are told in v. 1 that he saw “the Lord sitting on a throne, high and lifted up’ with the train of his robe filled the temple.” I don’t know what Isaiah meant when he sa...Read More

Mar 2020 9 Mar 9, 2020

One of the more surprising texts in the Gospel of John comes on the heels of the apostle’s explanation for why so many people denied and defied Jesus. In order to account for this rejection of the Messiah, John appeals to the words of Isaiah 6:1-10, where God himself had declared that although they in one sense “see”, yet in another they are blind. In one sense they “hear”, yet in another they are deaf. It then that John makes this remarkabl...Read More

Mar 2020 5 Mar 5, 2020

Most are probably unaware of this, but I frequently speak with people who are new to Bridgeway and I hear one of three observations. Almost all of them are somewhat surprised by what they encounter and experience here. It certainly wasn’t what they expected. First of all, there are those who have come to Bridgeway because they are desperately hungry for the truth of God’s Word. They have spent considerable time in a church, or perhaps several churches, where...Read More

Mar 2020 2 Mar 2, 2020

We recently revised our Mission Statement at Bridgeway Church, expanding it by adding a simple but spiritually profound phrase. Previously our statement said: “We exist to exalt Christ in the City.” We still do! But now it reads: “We exist to exalt Christ in the City through joyful satisfaction in Him!” Every Christian, wherever they may live, believes that our ultimate aim should be to exalt and glorify God. But not everyone agrees on the most b...Read More