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Nov 2022 30 Nov 30, 2022

That was the title to an article that appeared at the Christian Post a couple of weeks ago. I’m quite sure that it caught the attention of many who then read it with unbridled joy. If you’re wondering what the cause of their joy might be, the answer was clear: escape from the wrath of God. Before I give you my answer to the question in this title, let me say a brief word about “escape from the wrath of God.” Those who argue for a pretribulational...Read More

Nov 2022 28 Nov 28, 2022

Richard Baxter takes up a topic that often plagues the souls of many Christians. Notwithstanding the gloriously reassuring promise that “there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” (Rom. 8:1), many live in fear that they will suffer the condemnation that Christ Jesus has already endured and exhausted in himself on the cross. So, Baxter writes: “Who will bring any charge against God’s elect (Rom. 8:33)? Will the law condemn us? No!...Read More

Nov 2022 23 Nov 23, 2022

Can you imagine what life now would be like if we had no assurance that Jesus will return to consummate his kingdom? Here is how Baxter addressed this issue in The Saints’ Everlasting Rest. “Imagine, fellow Christian, what would we do if our Lord did not intend to return? What misfortune! But will he really leave us among wolves (Acts 20:29), in the lions’ den (Dan. 6), among a generation of serpents (Matt. 23:33), and here forget us? Would he buy us a...Read More

Nov 2022 21 Nov 21, 2022

Richard Baxter speaks directly to the fear of many that perhaps God’s love for us is temporary or conditional or will, for some unexplained reason, ultimately die. In his classic work, The Saints’ Everlasting Rest, he seeks to silence this fear once and for all. “Know this, believer, to your everlasting comfort, that if these arms have once embraced you, neither sin nor hell can ever pluck you from them (John 10:28-29). The sanctuary is inviolable and ...Read More

Nov 2022 16 Nov 16, 2022

Have you ever thought about the incredible privilege granted to us to love God? More than that, how often do you reflect on the depths of God’s love for you? Today we continue our meditations on Richard Baxter’s incredible book on heaven, The Saints’ Everlasting Rest, and reflect on the reality of being loved by Love himself. “What a great favor it is that God will give us leave to love him, that he will graciously allow himself to be embraced by...Read More

Nov 2022 14 Nov 14, 2022

Today we continue our meditations on Richard Baxter’s incredible book on heaven, The Saints’ Everlasting Rest. Baxter here reflects on the role that memory will play in our experience of heaven. Rather than bring sadness or regret, it will only serve to highlight the majesty of what is ours in heaven. “To compare past with present things must surely raise in the soul an inconceivable esteem and sense of its blessed condition. To stand at that height wh...Read More

Nov 2022 11 Nov 11, 2022

[Here is the transcript of a brief interview that I did with Crossway. It is based on my book, A Dozen Things God Did With Your Sin (and three things he’ll never do).] November 10, 2022 God Doesn’t Repay Sin There are things God will never do with our sin—one of which is that he will never repay us. He will never count it against us. It's interesting when you contrast this with human behavior. We are very good at repaying people for their sins. We mi...Read More

Nov 2022 9 Nov 9, 2022

Today we continue our deep dive into Richard Baxter’s classic work, The Saints’ Everlasting Rest, as edited and abridged by Tim Cooper. “This rest,” says Baxter, “contains as the highest part our deepest enjoyment of God the highest good. And here, reader, do not be surprised if I am at a loss. When I know so little of God, I cannot know much of what it is to enjoy him. When I know so little of my own soul while it is here in this tabernacl...Read More

Nov 2022 7 Nov 7, 2022

Are you ready to die? I trust you aren’t put off by that question. I’m not asking if you want to die right now, although reading what Paul wrote in Philippians 1:19ff. appears to suggest that if the decision were up to him, he would prefer to die and be with Christ. So, let me ask again: are you ready to die? If the answer is No, it may well be due to your failure to understand what awaits the believer on the other side of life in this world. Have you given ...Read More

Nov 2022 2 Nov 2, 2022

I’ve been asked on countless occasions the question posed in the title to this article. Space does not allow a lengthy and detailed response, so let me sum up what I believe the Bible says in five short points. (1) From the original covenant promise to Abraham, the land has been a central feature of God’s purpose for his people. Genesis 15:18, “On that day the Lord made a covenant with Abram, saying, ‘To your offspring I give this land, from the ...Read More