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Jun 2019 28 Jun 28, 2019

[The following brief article was released on June 27th at www.premierchristianity.com.] “I thank God that I speak in tongues more than all of you.” At first glance you might think these words came from the lips of a wild-eyed fanatic who has little regard for the Bible. The gift of tongues is often treated like the proverbial ‘black sheep’ in the family of God. We can’t completely dismiss the presence of the gift of tongues, but we regard...Read More

Jun 2019 26 Jun 26, 2019

This is a quick reminder that the early bird discount to register for Convergence 2019 ends this coming Saturday, June 29. Don’t let this date pass by without taking advantage of the lowest ticket price available. We are genuinely excited and expectant for what we believe God will do at the conference, as we focus entirely on the theme: The God Who Heals. Join me, Matt Chandler, Jack Deere, Andrew Wilson, Michael Brown, and Christine Caine, together with the Brid...Read More

Jun 2019 26 Jun 26, 2019

How does an understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ affect our lives? What difference does it make in how we live and how we relate to others and how we handle the countless struggles and experiences of life? Here is but a small sampling of how life is influenced when the Gospel is at the center. In each of the following texts, the subject matter or ethical responsibility or commandment under consideration is in some way grounded in or flows out of the gospel. This w...Read More

Jun 2019 24 Jun 24, 2019

Let me begin with a confession: I’ve never seen a single episode of either the Bachelor or the Bachelorette. And I don’t intend to. That’s no judgment on you who do watch the show (but now that we’re at it, why do you watch it?). It’s simply a way of saying that if I have misunderstood or misinterpreted what actually happened on the episode in question, it’s because I never actually saw it. My information is based on an article that ap...Read More

Jun 2019 19 Jun 19, 2019

Many have reached a saturation point when it comes to the notion of gospel centrality. “Enough already,” they cry, with more than a little exasperation. I understand this reaction. We who identify as evangelicals are good at taking what is otherwise a fully biblical term or concept and beating it into the ground or pounding it into the heads of our people. So, yes, it’s possible for us to grow justifiably weary of certain terminology. After years of wa...Read More

Jun 2019 17 Jun 17, 2019

Many are under the false impression that the Holy Spirit is absent from the Old Testament. These ten things will serve to correct this misunderstanding. (1) The Hebrew term ruach = breath, wind, spirit, appears @ 377 times in the OT (only 264 of which are translated by the Greek pneuma in the LXX). 94 of these 377 instances refer to the Spirit of God. No significance should be placed on the fact that ruach is feminine. Says Anthony Thiselton: “It is an accident of...Read More

Jun 2019 13 Jun 13, 2019

This is to let you know that we are looking for our next Pastor of Student Ministries here at Bridgeway. We are accepting applications through July 3rd. The Pastor of Student Ministries at Bridgeway will strive to help all our students grow in their understanding and confidence in the truth of God’s Word and to cultivate a deeper and more joyful satisfaction in all that God is for us in Jesus Christ. If you are interested, or know of someone who is, go to www.bri...Read More

Jun 2019 13 Jun 13, 2019

Earlier this week I posted an article on what I call “The Dirty Dozen.” They are the primary reasons why we stink at evangelism. They are the typical excuses people use not to share their faith with non-Christians. In the aftermath of that article, one person commented that there is yet another reason that may well be the most frequently cited of all. I think he’s right. I can’t believe I didn’t include it in the original list. But then who...Read More

Jun 2019 10 Jun 10, 2019

When I say that “we” stink at evangelism, I’m not talking about all of you. Some of you, I hope many of you, excel at sharing your faith with non-Christians. But most of us do not. It may sound offensive, but let’s be honest: we stink at evangelism. At least I do. But I don’t want to. My desire to be more faithful and vocal in sharing the gospel with the lost has led me to identify what I call the Dirty Dozen. These are the twelve reasons wh...Read More

Jun 2019 5 Jun 5, 2019

My new book, The Language of Heaven: Crucial Questions about Speaking in Tongues was officially released yesterday, on June 4, and is available now at Amazon. Below is the list of 30 questions about tongues that I seek to answer in the book. Introduction: Tongues – A Good Gift from the Father of LightsMy First Experience of Speaking in Tongues(1) What happened on the Day of Pentecost?(2) Where Else in Acts did People Speak in Tongues?(3) Does the gift of tongues a...Read More

Jun 2019 3 Jun 3, 2019

Last week I spoke about Mike Bickle and answered some of the questions that people ask concerning him. Today I will address the International House of Prayer for which he provides leadership. Some of you have never heard of IHOPKC while others have only read about it on the blogs and websites of its most vocal critics. Even fewer of those reading this article have actually visited the house of prayer or spent much time taking advantage of what is offered. Let me begin b...Read More