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Your Prayers and the End of the World!

Feb 26, 2024 Sam Storms

Almost every time I speak on the subject of prayer, I hear the objection that prayer is a useless waste of time. It doesn't accomplish anything. It is little more than a psychological s ...

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Is God the Author of Sin?

Feb 12, 2024 Sam Storms

Jonathan Edwards answers, "If by 'the author of sin,' be meant the sinner, the agent, or the actor of sin, or the doer of a wicked thing . . . it would be a reproach and blasphemy, to s ...

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The Sovereignty of God in Times of Chaos

Feb 5, 2024 Sam Storms

These are chaotic times, as if I even needed to remind you. Global pandemics. Devastating earthquakes. Rampant crime. Ever-accelerating conflict in the Middle East. Economic confusion. ...

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