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NAR: What is the New Apostolic Reformation?

Jun 3, 2024 Sam Storms

One of the more recent developments within certain sectors of charismatic renewal is known as the New Apostolic Reformation, or NAR for short. Many have been unjustifiably lumped in wit ...

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Can One’s Name be Erased from the Lamb’s Book of Life?

May 28, 2024 Sam Storms

The promise to those who conquer in Revelation 3:5 is a passage that has stirred considerable discussion and controversy. "The one who conquers," said Jesus, "will be clothed thus in wh ...

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One’s Conscience vs. Majority Rule

May 20, 2024 Sam Storms

I make it my goal to read Harper Lee's phenomenal novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, once every year. I've been fairly successful at doing so for quite some time now. It is, in my humble opi ...

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