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May 2021 10 May 10, 2021

There is a new slogan that I regularly see emblazoned on T-shirts and on the bumper stickers of cars, and on placards held high at certain rallies. “Love is Love!” My first reaction, as you might guess, is to ask a question of the person promoting this philosophy: “Please, define ‘love’.” The answer in return would likely be something along the lines of: “I just did. I said, ‘love is love.’” Aside from the absu...Read More

May 2021 5 May 5, 2021

In the previous article we looked at the historical and theological origins of the classical Pentecostal movement and the many denominations it produced. But today we also hear of so-called Charismatics, as well as the Third Wave movement. How do these differ, or do they? The Beginnings of Neo-Pentecostalism or the Charismatic Movement Neo-Pentecostalism or as some prefer, the Charismatic movement, refers to the penetration of the Pentecostal experience into the mainli...Read More

May 2021 3 May 3, 2021

I recently read an article on-line that referred frequently to people who identify as Pentecostal. In the same article reference was made to Charismatics, as if to suggest these two are one and the same. Although not mentioned by name in this article, people also are often heard referring to the Third Wave. What do these labels mean? To whom do they refer? It’s important that we know the difference, assuming there is any, among these three related groups of Christ...Read More