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Jan 2019 31 Jan 31, 2019

By Andrew Wilson | Wednesday 30 January 2019 [This is a wonderful and insightful article by Andrew Wilson. He posted it on his blog yesterday.] What is the most attractive quality in a leader? No doubt there are all sorts of ways of answering that, and although some responses are obviously wrong, I don't think there's any particular one that is obviously right (other than "Christlikeness" or "love", which just push the question back a stage: "OK, so what does that look...Read More

Jan 2019 28 Jan 28, 2019

Shame and guilt are often confused in people’s thinking. What are they, and how do they differ? More important still, how might we be set free from the debilitating effects of shame? Here are ten things to keep in mind. (1) Shame is the painful emotion that is caused by a consciousness of guilt, failure, or impropriety, that often results in the paralyzing conviction/belief that one is worthless, of no value to others or to God, unacceptable, and altogether deserv...Read More

Jan 2019 24 Jan 24, 2019

[You may have read about Lady Gaga’s comments regarding Vice-President Mike Pence’s wife. If not, brace yourself. Michael Kruger has written a perceptive analysis of her absurd perspective. It was published on January 22 at Michael’s blog, https://www.michaeljkruger.com.] Michael Kruger By now, plenty has been written on the issue of Mike Pence’s wife teaching at a Christian school that supposedly “bans” (the preferred word of the ma...Read More

Jan 2019 23 Jan 23, 2019

[This article by Andrew Wilson was first posted at the Desiring God website (www.desiringgod.ord] last week, on June 17.] Andrew WilsonPastor, King's Church, LondonJanuary 17, 2019 It is a strange quirk of the contemporary church that arguably the most common way of handling the charismatic gifts, at least in the West, is the only one that simply cannot be defended from Scripture. For now, I will leave aside the question of whether the distinction between “mirac...Read More

Jan 2019 21 Jan 21, 2019

In a previous article I spoke of the first wave of the First Great Awakening, a revival that fell upon New England in 1734-36. Today we turn our attention to the second wave of the Spirit’s work and the events that can generally be dated 1740-42. (1) Historians have typically traced the revival’s beginning to the visit to America of George Whitefield (1714-71), known as “The Grand Itinerant.” Whitefield arrived in the fall of 1740 and “set ...Read More

Jan 2019 18 Jan 18, 2019
Jan 2019 17 Jan 17, 2019

Afshin ZiafatLead Pastor, Providence ChurchFrisco, TX January 7, 2019 [I first met Afshin Ziafat a few years ago at a gathering of the Council of the Gospel Coalition. He has become a good friend. When he shared with me his testimony of coming to faith in Jesus and what it cost him, I was astounded, and grateful to God for his amazing grace. On January 7, Afshin described his story in an article first posted at the Desiring God website. Take some time and read it close...Read More

Jan 2019 14 Jan 14, 2019

On May 30, 1735, Jonathan Edwards (1703-58) wrote a letter of eight pages to Dr. Benjamin Colman (1673-1747), pastor of Brattle Street Church in Boston, in which he described the nature of the revival he was seeing. Colman forwarded a substantial portion of the letter to a friend in London where news quickly spread about religious events in the Colonies. Edwards was in turn asked to write a more detailed account of what he had witnessed, the result of which was titled: A...Read More

Jan 2019 9 Jan 9, 2019

Starting this morning at 9:00 a.m. we began a three-day time of corporate prayer and fasting at Bridgeway. Friday night at 7:00 p.m. the fast will end and we will host an all-church worship service. If you’re in OKC, please join us. You may wonder, Why are we doing this? There are several ways of explaining this. Let me begin by citing several texts: “Such is the generation of those who seek him, who seek the face of the God of Jacob” (Psalm 24:6). &...Read More

Jan 2019 7 Jan 7, 2019

Is there any such thing as the “Jezebel spirit”? If so, what is it, or who is it? And what relationship does it sustain to the spiritual gift of prophecy? To answer this we must turn our attention to the letter of Jesus to the church in Thyatira. “But I have this against you, that you tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess and is teaching and seducing my servants to practice sexual immorality and to eat food sacrificed to idols. ...Read More

Jan 2019 2 Jan 2, 2019