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Apr 2021 27 Apr 27, 2021

I only learned on Monday morning that my friend, Jack Taylor, had passed away and entered the presence of his Lord and Savior, early Sunday morning, April 25. He was 87 years old. What a truly remarkable Christian man he was. Most of you probably don’t know him, but he was one of the more instrumental figures in bringing the power and ministry of the Holy Spirit into the lives Southern Baptists. I can’t remember when I first met Jack, but he would often visi...Read More

Apr 2021 26 Apr 26, 2021

[My book, Understanding Spiritual Warfare: A Comprehensive Guide was released by Zondervan two weeks ago. Here is the Introduction to it.] Both the complexities of spiritual warfare and the controversies that it provokes have made me hesitant to write this book. It has taken several years for me to overcome my reluctance and finally to put words on a page. Two things in particular contributed to this decision. First, no matter how hard one may try, it is quite simply i...Read More

Apr 2021 19 Apr 19, 2021

In case you missed it, and I hope you didn’t, yesterday, April 18, 2021, was a massively significant anniversary. Of what, you ask? I’m glad you asked. Yesterday, April 18, 2021, was the 500th anniversary of what may well have been the most significant event in more than 2,000 years of church history. That may strike you as an outlandish statement, but I believe it may well be true. I’m sure we could identify other significant occasions and turning poi...Read More

Apr 2021 15 Apr 15, 2021

My friend Dave Harvey has just released an excellent book on why and how churches should be led by a plurality of Elders. He asked me to write the Foreword to it. In fact, this week I’ve been in Indianapolis for the Gospel Coalition national conference where I sat on a panel with Dave and two other pastors to discuss this book. Here is the Foreword. I urge you to get the book and read it closely. Really? An entire book on why our local churches should be led by a ...Read More

Apr 2021 12 Apr 12, 2021

Back in September of 2020, my book Understanding Spiritual Gifts: A Comprehensive Guide (Zondervan) was released. Today I’m pleased to let you know that the sequel, Understanding Spiritual Warfare: A Comprehensive Guide (Zondervan), is now available for purchase. Although the notice at Amazon says the release date is April 27, the book is already in stock and ready for shipment. Here are endorsements of it from Wayne Grudem, Matt Chandler, Michael Brown, and J. P. ...Read More

Apr 2021 6 Apr 6, 2021

There are a lot of books out there on spiritual warfare, but none are quite like this. I have been looking for one “go to” book that I could recommend to people on this important topic and this will be it. Sam Storms approaches spiritual warfare with the heart of a pastor, the skill of a biblical exegete, a sensitivity to the work of the Spirit, and the wisdom of a leader who has had significant experience in this arena. The result is a book that is truly we...Read More

Apr 2021 5 Apr 5, 2021

[First published at www.desiringgod.org on Monday, March 29, 2021] One of the more destructive threats to the human soul and the purposes for which God created and redeemed us is boredom. We were not made for boredom. Our hearts are hardwired by God for delight and discovery and ever-increasing joy and satisfaction in all that God is for us in Jesus and in all that God has created and does. This is why boredom is the devil’s delight. It is his playground. He take...Read More

Apr 2021 1 Apr 1, 2021

This past Sunday at Bridgeway we spent time in Romans 3:21-26, looking primarily at three words: justification, redemption, and propitiation. As a way of illustrating the truth of redemption, I retold the story of Hosea and Gomer in the OT. You may recall that Gomer was an unfaithful wife, indeed, she was a harlot, running from one adulterous lover to another. She eventually was sold into slavery and found herself on the auction block, available to the highest bidder. E...Read More