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I’m happy to announce that my entire verse-by-verse exposition of Romans is now available on the website. There are 65 sermon manuscripts for you to use. Click on Resources at the top of the home page, then click on Articles. Scroll down on the left side of the page until you see Romans (65).

As is always the case with my material, you are free to copy and make use of these sermons in any way that you deem helpful to the body of Christ.



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Hi Sam
I'm an 82 year old proud Welshman, saved 50 years, married to my beautiful wife Roma Myfanwy for 60 years and lucky to have such a lovely girl . I sign on to your description of your beliefs ie Ammilleniumism Gifts; 6 day creation etc. my only difference with you would be your views on women being pastors - but what do I know! you may be right.
We are lucky, no not lucky, we are blessed to have a guy like yourself share his wisdom and teaching, with no ulterior motive, but a true "Honest John". Wish you lived around the corner so we could have a chat over a coffee or a beer as they say in Wales. Keep churning out the good stuff and many many blessings brother from Roma and myself

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