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Jul 2022 28 Jul 28, 2022

On October 4, 1911, at the autumn conference of Princeton Theological Seminary, Professor B. B. Warfield delivered an important message to the students of what was at that time one of America’s finest evangelical institutions. It was titled, “The Religious Life of Theological Students.” But please don’t read this as if it were intended solely for seminary students. Every Christian, whether pastors or average church members, must resist the temptat...Read More

Jul 2022 25 Jul 25, 2022

Article by Andrew T. WalkerProfessor, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Pastors have no shortage of issues that they are called up to address in their ministries. The pressure to be an expert on every new issue can be daunting when thinking about everything else on the pastor’s plate. Most pastors need fewer burdens, not more. But when issues of what it means to be human surface — and this is at the center of the debate over transgenderism — it...Read More

Jul 2022 22 Jul 22, 2022

So, if God still heals, why doesn’t he always heal? Why wasn’t Beni Johnson healed? I don’t have all the answers to this question (no one else does either). But here are a few things to consider. God loved the Apostle Paul. Yet God sovereignly orchestrated his painful thorn in the flesh and then declined to remove it, notwithstanding Paul's passionate prayer that he be healed. We are not apostles. Yet, as his children, no less so than Paul, God loves u...Read More

Jul 2022 20 Jul 20, 2022

In the previous article I spoke about the nature of healing gifts in the life of the local church. In this second article I want to focus on the question of faith and its relationship to healing. If I have enough Faith, will I always be Healed? When it comes to the relationship of our faith to physical healing, Christians will often gravitate to one extreme or the other. Some argue that the sort of faith God honors by granting us healing is altogether devoid of doubt. ...Read More

Jul 2022 18 Jul 18, 2022

Actually, the title to this article is incorrect. Although Beni Johnson is no longer alive on this earth, she is very much alive in the presence of her Savior. But I trust all of you know that. Now, to the main point of this brief article. Although they are doing their best to hide their true feelings, cynical internet bloggers and rigid cessationists are speaking out concerning Beni Johnson’s passing. They preface their comments with denials that they are being i...Read More

Jul 2022 11 Jul 11, 2022

From today through August 1, you can get my book, Understanding Spiritual Warfare: A Comprehensive Guide (Zondervan) on Kindle for only $3.99. Here is the link. Blessings!...Read More

Jul 2022 11 Jul 11, 2022

Anyone who has studied 1 Peter knows that chapter three, verses eighteen through twenty-two are the most challenging to interpret. Many have concluded from this passage, wrongly in my opinion, that during the time between his death and resurrection Jesus descended into hades and preached the gospel to lost souls in order to give them a second chance to be saved. But is that really what Peter is saying? In my opinion, no. Here is the text. (18) For Christ also suffered...Read More

Jul 2022 7 Jul 7, 2022

That is a question all of us need to ask. More important still, we need to answer it honestly. J. I. Packer wrote an article titled, We’ll Be Truly Alive on Our Third Birthday, that should put to rest your fear of death. Entering Eternity My baptism looks on to my third birthday. What is that? It is the day entered from eternity in God’s private calendar, as my first two birthdays were, on which my heart is due to stop beating. When or how it will happen I...Read More

Jul 2022 4 Jul 4, 2022

The evangelical world has been abuzz over whether or not it is biblical for a woman to be called a pastor. This came to a head once again at the recent annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention in Anaheim, California. A few years ago, I wrote an article defending the notion that women may rightly be referred to as pastors. I revisit that issue in this article. As you might expect, many pushed back hard against my argument. In addition to the original post, I here...Read More