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On October 4, 1911, at the autumn conference of Princeton Theological Seminary, Professor B. B. Warfield delivered an important message to the students of what was at that time one of America’s finest evangelical institutions. It was titled, “The Religious Life of Theological Students.” But please don’t read this as if it were intended solely for seminary students. Every Christian, whether pastors or average church members, must resist the temptation to put asunder what God has joined together. We must strive to preserve that essential unity between learning and life, between doctrine and devotion. Here is how Warfield put it:

“Sometimes we hear it said that ten minutes on your knees will give you a truer, deeper, more operative knowledge of God than ten hours over your books. “What!” is the appropriate response, “than ten hours over your books, on your knees?” Why should you turn from God when you turn to your books, or feel that you must turn from your books in order to turn to God? If learning and devotion are as antagonistic as that, then the intellectual life is in itself accursed, and there can be no question of a religious life for a student, even of theology.”

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Be very careful with knowledge superseding what Jesus did...the Pharisee's were very much imto knowlege, in fact they are still eating from the fruit of the knowlege of the tree of good and evil. Their sidebook attests to this and they are illuminati after all.

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