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Jan 2022 31 Jan 31, 2022

[You may recall that Craig Keener’s book, Miracles Today, was my number one book of 2021. Here is an interview of him from Christianity Today, January 24, 2022.] New Testament scholar Craig Keener investigates contemporary accounts of “signs and wonders,” while suggesting that many grounds for skepticism are behind the times. In the halls of the academy as well as on the street, there is no more controversial aspect of the Bible than its accounts of m...Read More

Jan 2022 28 Jan 28, 2022

I answer this question in this short video that I recorded for Crossway Books. They have recently published my book, A Dozen Things God did with Your Sin (and three things he’ll never do), from which the content of this video was taken....Read More

Jan 2022 26 Jan 26, 2022

[The following is an article of mine published at the Crossway blog. It is an adaptation from my new book, A Dozen Things God did with Your Son (and three things he’ll never do).] God’s Way of Dealing with Sin vs. Our Way Consider for a moment how we “deal” with others. We keep fresh in our minds their injustices toward us. We nurture the memory of their faults and failings. We never let them forget what they did and we often make sure others ar...Read More

Jan 2022 25 Jan 25, 2022

Here is a brief video of me describing the effects of shame on the soul and how we can overcome its paralyzing power....Read More

Jan 2022 24 Jan 24, 2022

By Sam Storms [This article was published at the Crossway blog on January 20, 2022] The Nature of Sin Sin is deceptive, both in its capacity to tempt us to follow its lead and in the way it confuses and clouds our thinking. It is the latter and sin’s many myths that I want to address in this article. Myth #1: The sin of unbelief is not so serious as to warrant eternal condemnation. What should we say when a person lives what appears to be a civil and faithful ...Read More

Jan 2022 19 Jan 19, 2022

My new book from Crossway, A Dozen Things God Did With Your Sin (and three things he’ll never do), 224 pages, is now available at Amazon and in bookstores. I’ll have more to say about it in the coming days, but for now here are a few endorsements for it. “Sam Storms has written a wonderful book on the cross of Jesus and how to live in the power of God’s forgiveness.” Jack Deere, Associate Professor Emeritus of Old Testament, Dallas Theolog...Read More

Jan 2022 17 Jan 17, 2022

Starting later this week I will be devoting my twice-weekly podcast to the subject of mysticism. Four episodes are forthcoming. There is a lot of confusion and misrepresentation when it comes to mysticism, and I will do my best to dig down deeply into precisely what it means and how it has been expressed in the life of the church. So perhaps we should begin with a definition. Mysticism cannot in any way be conceived as a movement for the simple fact that it is, by defi...Read More

Jan 2022 10 Jan 10, 2022

As glorious as it is that we are “saved” from divine judgment and wrath, it is more glorious still to consider what we are “saved” for or to. In other words, what blessings or privileges or gifts do we receive when we believe and are justified, when we confess and are saved? Paul mentions three in particular in Romans 10:11-12. First, we have the absolute, unassailable, rock-solid, blood-bought assurance that we will never “be put to shame&...Read More

Jan 2022 3 Jan 3, 2022

A Dozen Things God Did with Your Sin (And Three Things He'll Never Do) from Crossway By Sam Storms What Did God Do with Your Sin? Every Christian has experienced days or even seasons of feeling extreme guilt over past or present sins, thinking that God is angry or disgusted with them—sometimes even wondering if they’re truly saved. This often happens when believers fixate on their sins while forgetting what Christ has already done on their behalf at the cr...Read More