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This is a question I’m often asked, and the simple answer is Yes! But here is a more in-depth response from Richard Baxter in his book, The Saints’ Everlasting Rest.

“Some people ask if we will know each other in heaven. Surely no knowledge will cease except that which implies our imperfection, and what imperfection can this imply? No, our present knowledge will be increased beyond belief. It will indeed be put away but only as the light of the candle and stars is put away by the rising of the sun, which is more a putting away of our ignorance than of our knowledge. Indeed, we will not know each other in the way we do now: not by stature, voice, color, face, complexion, or outward shape; not by gifts of learning, by titles of honor and worldly dignity, by youth or age, or, I think, by sex. Instead, we will know and be known by the image of Christ, by spiritual relation, and by former faithfulness in improving our talents. It is not only our old acquaintances whom we will know and enjoy but all the saints of all the ages, whose faces in the flesh we never saw” (56).


I was looking for a contact page to let Dr Storms know how much I miss his Exploring Word and Spirit podcast. I first heard of him on Janet Parchell's radio program.
I agree, the question I have is whether I will remember all the people I knew on earth who don't make it to heaven.

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