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(Col. 1:28-2:3)



(1) The two greatest obstacles to my ultimate goal are that people are uninformed and disconnected. The former limits their passion for Jesus and the latter limits their compassion for people.




(2) The primary way (Col. 1:28) to overcome these obstacles is to teach them (that they might have understanding of the "treasures of wisdom and knowledge" [Col. 2:3] that are in Christ alone) and admonish them (that they might know how to live godly and consistently with what they know of Christ).




[Pastoring / Preaching / Teaching / Writing]




(3) The goal of teaching and admonishing them is that they might be equipped to encourage one another in love (Col. 2:2) = community.




[the Cell Church]




(4) It is only as they are taught and admonished in the context of community that they will find maximum satisfaction (the "wealth" of Col. 2:2) with all that God is for them in Christ = "complete in Christ" (Col. 1:28) and joyfully share that with others = evangelism







(5) In this way the manifold splendor of God's glory will be most effectively displayed.