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Whereas the NT is quite clear that the office of Elder is restricted to qualified men, there is considerable and on-going dispute among evangelicals on the question of whether women can serve in the office of Deacon. Here are my reasons for saying Yes to this question.Read More

As much as we hear about the gospel of Jesus Christ one would think that everyone is on the same page when it comes to defining this word. Sadly, that is not the case. So just what is the gospel? How might we define it? Here are ten things to keep in mind.Read More

The Convergence Conference: the Passionate Pursuit of Word and Spirit, is now only a few weeks away. I hope and pray you will give serious consideration to joining us here in Oklahoma City, October 5-7. Here are ten things you should know about the conference.Read More

Here are 10 things we should know about Satan.Read More

Today I continue the weekly series on 10 things we should know about specific Christian doctrines. Our focus today is divine election.Read More

We’ve been looking closely at some important principles to understand when it comes to male headship and female submission. Read More

If there is a single driving force in our society today it may well be what I call instant self-gratification.Read More

Forgiving others is counter-intuitive to human nature. It rarely seems to make sense. Read More

Because of our focus on the inspiration and inerrancy of God’s written revelation, the Bible (i.e., Special Revelation), we often tend to ignore the other ways in which God has made himself known more generally to all mankind. Read More

A week or so ago I was alerted to a video (https://vimeo.com/275908702) that focused on the amazing creative power of God, both in terms of the massive size of the universe as well as the incredibly small world of molecules and atoms.Read More