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What Will I Find Here?

Our website has been designed to facilitate your access to a wide range of written, audio, and video resources. If you have trouble locating what you are looking for, please avail yourself of the Search feature located at the top right of the Home page.

The many biblical and theological resources are categorized under the Resources menu:



  1. Biblical Studies – Here you will find a number of extensive and in-depth studies of various books of the Bible, as well as comments on difficult biblical texts and topics.
  2. Theological Studies – In this section you will find a wide array of theological subjects as well as commentary on controversial issues facing the church.
  3. Historical Studies – This section contains all the material from the course on Historical Theology that Sam taught at Wheaton College , as well as his extensive notes on the life and theology of Jonathan Edwards.


Published Writings

(4) Recommended – In this final section we have included a variety of topics, including links to other websites and blogs, book reviews, and Dr. Storms’ series on miscellaneous topics called “Reflections”.