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What is Enjoying God?

Enjoying God Ministries exists “To Proclaim the Power of Truth and the Truth about Power.” This isn’t just a catchy phrase. It reflects both what is lacking in the church today and what is burning in our hearts.

We can no longer deny that many Christians are either woefully deficient in their knowledge of Scripture or noticeably devoid of any experience of God’s power. The Lord never intended this for His people. Like you, we’ve seen firsthand the joyless intellectual arrogance that the absence of spiritual power can produce, as well as the fanatical emotional excess that comes from a lack of theological integrity. Perhaps most of you have witnessed this tearing asunder what God has joined together and have felt the same frustration we have. Dr. Storms believes God is inviting him to devote the rest of his life and the gifts and resources he has entrusted to him to help reverse this terribly destructive trend in the church.

But we must never forget that truth and power are not an end in themselves, but serve to evoke and energize enjoyment of God. Enjoying God is the end or goal or pinnacle we seek, for “God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied [i.e., when we rejoice fully] in Him” (John Piper ). Both the truth of Scripture and the power of the Spirit are necessary if we are to encounter Jesus in a place of intimacy and joy and experience the life-changing, sin-killing, God-exalting satisfaction of soul for which He created us.

If you want to explore this theme in more depth, we encourage you to read the article entitled, “What is Christian Hedonism?”