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Oh, really? Well, that’s what the new Nike ad for Tiger Woods asserts (according to the lead story at U.S.A. Today, March 27, 2003). Evidently it is what Woods himself believes. If this weren’t so pathetic, it would be laughable.

So, let me get this straight. Winning golf tournaments takes care of the absence of moral character. Winning golf tournaments is the remedy for lack of integrity. Winning golf tournaments takes care of broken vows and restores shattered dreams. Winning golf tournaments takes care of lying and immoral behavior and arrogance run amok.

I wonder if the children of a marriage shattered by adultery and deception believe that winning takes care of everything.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised by this sort of idiotic ad campaign. We live in a world where gifting and achievement typically trump character. Ours is a society where moral maturity takes a back seat (or is locked away in the trunk) to victory and fame. Don’t ask me if a person honors his vows or if a woman tells the truth. Just promise me that he can split the fairway with a 340 yard drive or that she can emerge victorious at Wimbledon.

Before we in the church become self-righteous about this, let’s admit that it’s also a problem among those who profess to know and love Jesus Christ. All too often gifting is prized over character. It seems to matter little that a man seduced the church secretary; after all, he can raise money like nobody’s business and boy, can he preach! It seems to matter little that a woman is an unrepentant gossip; after all, she hears from God and prophesies with power! It seems to matter little that a traveling evangelist is an alcoholic; after all, we dare not touch “God’s anointed”!

Perhaps if Christians paid a bit more attention to cultivating the fruit of the Spirit before we boast about his gifts, we’d be less deserving of the label “hypocrite” that is so often flung our way.


Now you are meddling! Good word...

Kristy and I enjoy reading your blogs Sam, Thank you for taking the time to write them everyday.

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