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What's up with April?


“April really can be the cruelest month. The Boston bombings, the Deepwater oil spill (2010), the Virginia Tech shootings (2007), Columbine (1999), the Oklahoma City bombing (1995), and the Branch Davidian tragedy (1993) all occurred between April 15 and April 20” (The Week, May 3, 2013).


Aaron, I read it today in the print version dated May 3.

If possible, can you link to the original source on this? I'm having trouble finding it on The Week's site. Thanks!

Abe Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr were killed in the month of April. Our city, Wichita Falls, Tx has what was called "Terrible Tuesday" April 10, I talking with a friend about the very same thing how April is just a month full of tragedy.

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