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It has been a few years since I last blogged with any degree of regularity and I’m thrilled to be at it again. I hope you find the blogposts, articles, and sermons here to be helpful, encouraging, challenging, and edifying. They might even be a bit controversial at times (“all” the time?)! Here are my designs for this website.

First, my intention is to blog every day, Monday through Friday. I’ll probably take off on Saturday and Sunday. On occasion there will be two or three blogposts per day, although in rare instances I might miss a day here and there.

Second, the content of the blog will be a mixture of biblical studies, meditations on particular passages, wrestling with difficult texts and topics, book reviews, updates on theological issues facing the church today, developments in the broader culture that impact the church, sports, movies, and my own musings on topics that I hope are relevant and noteworthy.

Third, my policy regarding blog comments is that I will read all of them but probably only respond infrequently. I simply don’t have the time to devote a lot of work to formulating responses to every comment posted. My request is that your comments be brief and to the point, that you avoid uncharitable language, and that you don’t get angry at me when I choose not to respond. Anger will only intensify my resolve to say nothing!

Fourth, I encourage you to let others know that the website is up and running. Your support in that regard would be greatly appreciated.

Fifth, the website will no longer be selling or processing books, CD’s, or DVD’s directly; however, all my publications are listed on the Bookstore page, and you may purchase them through Amazon at greatly reduced prices.

Sixth, we have hundreds of articles and sermons available on this site as well, and I hope you find the material to be enlightening and encouraging.

Finally, I want to express my profound appreciation to Church Plant Media who are responsible for the re-launch of the Enjoying God Ministries website. If you need help in this regard, click on the icon to the right. They are a great company and ministry and I can’t recommend them too highly.

Well, that’s enough for a start. Come back on Tuesday, March 12th, for the inaugural posts.

Sam Storms

Lead Pastor for Preaching and Vision

Bridgeway Church

Oklahoma City, OK


Super excited! Thanks for doing this:) woot!

I am excited Sam! I look forward to what you have to share! Woot woot!

Rock-n-roll! I predict some spirited discussions in the near future.

Thank you so much for including us in your updated version of the Enjoying God web-sight and blog!

Dearest Sam,
woo hoo!!!

Dearest Sam,

Woo Hoo!!!!

YES!!!! Thank you Sam Storms for all you have done for the body of Christ. I look forward to visiting often!

This is answered prayer!

Look forward t hearing from you again. Have wondered if you would be interested in coming back to AK for a speaking engagement?? I think I heard that you are writing a book defending Amillennial; if so, I look forward to reading it.

Hi Sam, it's great that you're launching your new blog. I look forward to reading it. I hope you are doing well!

Congratulations, Sam. In what can at times be an electronic wasteland, yours is a welcome voice of biblical wisdom, discernment, and passion for Christ. May God give your efforts here much exposure and favor.

Love the new blog. You have been a blessing to my life. I was wondering what is different between the old Beginners Guide to Spiritual Gifts and the new one? Thanks Larry

Blessed by your sermons at Bridgeway. Benefited from your book "Chosen By God" as I seek to understand election more. I know this blog will be a great resource for the body of Christ.

Yay, yay, YAYYYY!!! Can't wait for what is ahead.

looking forward to your insights. Read your book on Jonathan Edwards with my son.

Hi Sam! Looking forward to this!

Great to hear of this new venture and look forward to your helpful and incisive comments on all things spiritual and biblical!

I'm sure this blog WILL be controversial since the first two things you list about yourself are Amillennialism and Calvinism! :)

Play it again Sam!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad to hear you're going to stir our thinking again...

Good to have you back! Scotland has missed you. God bless, jim.

So pleased to have you back, Sam!

Thank you very much. Your writings and sermons have been a tremendous blessing in my spiritual and theological growth. Will look forward daily to reading your blog. God bless.

Excellent Dr. Storms. God bless your article. Greetings from Dominican Republic!!!

Exciting, Sam! I paid Dustin to incorporate the orange color scheme that shows up on the mobile web browser. GO POKES!!!

So glad you're back on. I was even thinking about this recently!

Glad you're back, Sam. Looking forward to this. Grace and Peace.

Can't wait! So thankful for you & all you do to tend to your flock!

Congrats. Looking forward to it!

Best news I've heard in awhile....Thank you Sam for spreading your Joy (again)!

Good to see you pop back up here. I'll be adding you to my RSS feed reader.

Glad to see the new Blog Site and will continue to enjoy the resources and insites you share. May the Lord continue to bless and keep you and yours.

Bravo, I look forward to this. A daily blog is quite a commitment

The relaunch looks great, Sam! Congratulations!

Sam, lookin' forward to it. I can only hope you don't do a lot of bragging about the Sooners. Hook'em Horns!

Great, can't wait to read more!

Very nice site. I look forward to more. Blessings.

Oh yes, glad to see this, my friend!

Looks great! Eager to see what is to come.

It's about dang time.

It looks great! I'm excited to start reading tomorrow.

The old site was an invaluable resource. Looking forward to what is to come! Thanks, Sam.

I hadn't visited Enjoying God website for awhile, but was on late last night researching Psalm 27. So glad I got an email about this new web design and have signed up for your blog,!

I do have a question. You mention that your CD's and DVD's. will no longer be sold or processed directly through your site. The question I have is whether they will be available elsewhere?

Congrats Sam on your new website. It has been a while but looking forward to read more as it goes.

Great news on the re-launch! Looking forward to seeing your blog Dr. Storms.

Sam, This is a big day! Congrats on the site launch. Looking forward to the blog.

I've visited EGM about once or twice a week for the last year or so. I had no idea this update was coming! I'm so surprised and glad there is life here again!

Yahoo! So excited to see this!

I am excited to see this blog, will look forward to it.

Looking forward to the daily dose and hopefully some ensightful comments too!

This is exciting. So glad to see it launch.

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