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The Holy Spirit, by Gregg R. Allison and Andreas Kostenberger

Numerous books have been written on the person and work of the Holy Spirit. Some have been helpful, but most have fallen far short of what the church needs. I’m delighted to let you know of the publication of what I believe is the best and most comprehensive treatment of the Holy Spirit yet to appear.

Gregg Allison and Andreas Kostenberger have partnered to produce a 543-page treasure trove of biblical and theological truth about the Spirit (B & H Academic). Here is the endorsement I wrote for it:

“Designating a book as unprecedented and the first of its kind can often be misleading and the fruit of what C. S. Lewis called “chronological snobbery.” But that is not the case when it comes to this remarkable new volume on the Holy Spirit by Allison and Kostenberger. Having taught graduate courses on the Holy Spirit on multiple occasions, I was repeatedly frustrated by the lack of a biblically solid, evangelical treatment of the third person of the Godhead and his ministry among God’s people. But no more. I’m hesitant to speak of any book as exhaustive or comprehensive, but this one comes close! From the Old Testament through the New, into church history and up to the present day, the authors have provided us with the most substantive, biblically rooted, and persuasive treatment of the Spirit to date. I cannot recommend it too highly.”

Although their treatment of spiritual gifts is somewhat brief, they affirm the continuationist view that all spiritual gifts are still valid and operative today.

Here is the outline of the topics they cover.

Part I: Biblical Theology

1. Introduction to Biblical Theology of the Holy Spirit
2. The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament and in the Pentateuch
3. The Holy Spirit in the Historical and Wisdom Books
4. The Holy Spirit in the Prophetic Books
5. The Old Testament’s Contribution to a Biblical Theology of the Holy Spirit
6. The Holy Spirit in the New Testament and in the Gospels
7. The Holy Spirit in Acts
8. The Holy Spirit in Paul
9. The Holy Spirit in the General Epistles and in Revelation
10. The New Testament’s Contribution to a Biblical Theology of the Holy Spirit
11. A Biblical-Theological Synthesis of the Holy Spirit in Scripture
Appendix: References to the Spirit in Scripture

Part II: Systematic Theology

12. Introduction, Methodology, Central Themes, and Assumptions of a Systematic Theology of the Holy Spirit
13. The Deity and Personhood of the Holy Spirit
14. The Holy Spirit and the Holy Trinity: Intratrinitarian Relations
15. The Holy Spirit and the Holy Trinity: Trinitarian Processions and Missions
16. The Holy Spirit and Creation and Providence
17. The Holy Spirit and Holy Scripture
18. The Holy Spirit and Angelic Beings
19. The Holy Spirit and Human Beings and Sin
20. The Holy Spirit and Christ
21. The Holy Spirit and Salvation
22. The Holy Spirit and the Church
23. The Holy Spirit and the Future
24. Contemporary Issues in Pneumatology
25. Conclusion

Name Index
Subject Index
Scripture Index

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