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The following is an excerpt from an article by Rod Dreher at the website

October 29, 2020

Joe Biden said today that if he’s elected (and assuming he has a Democratic Senate behind him), he will sign the Equality Act within the first hundred days. I believe him, too. This is an issue that the Democratic Party is united on. The only reason it’s not the law now is because the Republican Senate would not pass it.

The Equality Act would raise sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) to the level of race in federal civil rights law. That means that there would be no difference This would be bad news for the religious liberty of dissenting Christians, Muslims, and Jews. Why? Ryan T. Anderson explained last year that the Equality Act, if signed into law, would do the following things:

1. The Equality Act would force employers to cover abortion, and medical professionals to perform or assist in performing abortions.

When the Obama administration tried to force this same policy in its very last months in office, a federal judge declared it unlawful. When the Trump administration came into office, the Trump Justice Department agreed with that judge and did not appeal his ruling, which placed a 50-state injunction on that regulation.

Should the Equality Act become law, this abortion policy would become the law of the land, undermining President Donald Trump’s significant pro-life record.

2. The Equality Act would force employers to pay for sex “reassignment” procedures in their health insurance plans, and require medical professionals to perform them.

Think Hobby Lobby and Little Sisters of the Poor, but only worse. If a health care plan covers mastectomies in the case of cancer, but not in the case of “reassignment,” the Equality Act would deem this illegal “discrimination.” So, too, if a doctor chooses to perform mastectomies in the case of cancer but not for sex “reassignment” purposes. That doctor would be guilty of illegal “discrimination.”

Thankfully, when the Obama administration attempted to impose this mandate, a federal judge struck it down, and the Trump administration agreed with the judge and did not appeal the ruling. Should the Equality Act become law, it would undo Trump’s policy of protecting the freedom of medical doctors to not perform “reassignment” procedures if they deem them bad medicine.

3. The Equality Act would force all schools and businesses to open their women’s bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, and sports teams to boys who “identify as” girls and to men who “identify as” women.

The Obama administration imposed this transgender mandate on schools in all 50 states, and thankfully the Trump administration reversed the misguided policy during its first weeks of office. But, should the Equality Act become law, it would override the Trump policy and would threaten the privacy, safety, and equality of women and girls across the country.

4. The Equality Act could be used to force the military to pay for “reassignment” procedures and force the military to accept recruits suffering from gender dysphoria who are not combat-ready.

The Trump administration has implemented a careful, nuanced policy that allows people who identify as transgender to serve in the military — provided they no longer suffer from gender dysphoria and serve in accordance with their biological sex. But should the Equality Act become law, this Trump policy could be deemed “discrimination.”

5. The Equality Act would force faith-based adoption agencies to either violate their conviction that every child deserves both a mother and a father or to stop serving children in need altogether.

Thankfully, the Trump administration has taken initial steps to protect adoption agencies from these misguided policies. Additional steps are needed. But if the Equality Act became law, it would force all adoption agencies in all 50 states to either violate their convictions or close their doors.

6. The Equality Act would force a variety of small business owners to violate their beliefs about marriage, sexuality, and gender.

At the state level, this has happened to bakers, florists, photographers, and even funeral home owners.

Thankfully the Trump administration has supported these small business owners as their cases proceeded through the court system. But should the Equality Act become law, it would bring the full force of the federal government against these small business owners, treating them as violators of federal civil rights law.

7. The Equality Act, in general, threatens the freedom of speech, freedom of association, and free exercise of religion rights of countless people.

Anyone who believes we are created male and female, and that male and female are created for each other, will be at risk. This means Orthodox Jews, Roman Catholics, Evangelical Christians, Latter-day Saints, Muslims, and people of no particular faith tradition but who take science seriously will be on the wrong side of federal civil rights law.

This is what will happen if Joe Biden is elected president and the Democrats, who are expected to hold the House, take the Senate. Biden said so today.



Thank you for this clear call to action for the Christian voter. Your commentary is insightful. Might I respectfully ask you to pass this information to your close friend John Piper? Perhaps if he reconsidered his decision not to vote (it takes a humble man to admit a mistake) many of his followers would find a path to vote for the candidate for traditional family values, and the strongest supporter of pro life legislation the nation of Israel in the history the presidents of our nation. I think our Lord and Savior Jesus would be pleased with him.
According to a friend who is a conservative Republican, he said these types of analyses tend to be hyped. Plus, there’s a huge difference between a proposed piece of legislation and a final bill. Also, please listen to how Melanie Trump appeal to the LGBTQ community for vote
Thank you very much for this information. Sadly, our pastors have chosen to not lead or guide the congregation in political matters the way you just did. (See their video on YouTube entitled "Should the Church Be Political? Clear Creek CommunityChurch) As a consequence, precious friends and members of our congregation recently told us that they voted for Joe Biden. I believe their votes were rooted in an ignorance of facts like these that you shared and those of others like Dr. Wayne Grudem who published an article in August 2020 listing 30 good things President Trump has done for America. The media won't tell them.
Our pastors won't tell them. So thank you for this article.

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