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Strange Statistics

At the close of 2012 quite a few surveys were taken, some of which are rather bothersome. For example, did you know that now more than 50% of all Americans own a smart phone? Of that group, 58% check it at least once an hour. I think this next statistic needs adjustment. We are told that 30% have used their phones during a meal with others. My observation in restaurants today is that it has to be far more than merely 1/3. Nearly 10% have gone on-line during a religious service, and my guess is that it wasn’t to fact-check the pastor or to access an on-line version of the Bible! The most shocking of all is that 21% said they would rather give up sex than their cell phones. Go figure! (The complete polling statistics can be found in The Week, December 28, 2012, p. 20).

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