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Enjoying God Blog

All too often people arrive at a Sunday corporate gathering of God’s people and give little to no thought about what they are doing. It’s become something of a mindless, weekly routine. When the pastor preaches, they listen. When another prays, they pray (or doze off). And when the congregation sings, they sing. But do we understand what is happening when we sing?

Do we think much of the spiritual dynamics when we sing our praises to God? Do we understand what we are saying not only to God but to our city and state? We are saying that we refuse to be seduced by this world’s treasure and pleasure. We are saying that we refuse to buy into the Satanic lie that there is more satisfaction to be found in the world than in Jesus. We are saying what David said in Psalm 16:11, that it is in God’s presence that we find fullness of joy and at God’s right hand that we experience pleasures that never end. Here is how John Piper put it:

“Corporate worship is the public savoring of the worth of God and the beauty of God and power of God and the wisdom of God. And therefore worship is an open declaration to all the powers of heaven and to all of Babylon that we will not prostitute our minds or our hearts or our bodies to the allurements of the world. Though we may live in Babylon, we will not be captive to Babylonian ways. And we will celebrate with all our might the awesome truth that we are free from that which will be destroyed.”

Worship is far more than singing. We don’t merely sing songs. We sing to celebrate and proclaim the God of heaven and earth. We sing to enjoy him. We sing to savor all that he is for us in Jesus. We sing and pray to connect with God himself. Worship is all about engaging with God, encountering God, extolling God, enjoying God.

I love what Piper said about worship: worship “is the blatant, public savoring of God in the midst of a very seductive Babylonian culture. Worship is the flagrant, open enjoyment of God as the fountain of life. And therefore it is a public declaration that God is more to be desired than all the pleasures of Babylon.”

I pray that the Spirit of God would energize and inflame your hearts and minds this week, and every week (indeed, every day) to worship God in spirit and truth.

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