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Revival: when God puts the pedal to the metal

Jonathan Edwards wrote extensively on the nature of genuine, heaven-sent revival. During the First Great Awakening he mentioned that one of the characteristics of revival is that God accelerates and intensifies his normal manner of work. He writes: "God has also seemed to have gone out of his usual way, in the quickness of his work, and the swift progress his Spirit has made in his operations on the hearts of many. It is wonderful that persons should be so suddenly and yet so greatly changed" (A Faithful Narrative of the Surprising Work of God, 21).

Again, "when God in so remarkable a manner took the work into his own hands, there was as much done in a day or two, as at ordinary times, with all endeavours [sic] that men can use, and with such a blessing as we commonly have, is done in a year" (21).

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