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I recently joined Georgi Boorman on her program where she interviews people who have changed their minds on certain theological topics. Here is the link to my conversation with her on why I changed my view on biblical eschatology. I hope you enjoy it.



Well Sam, I may have lost my Calvinism years ago, but you will be happy to know that my Amillennialism is still mostly intact.

Just can't see God ever honoring a new temple, especially one with sacrifices for sin! The architect behind such a construction project would have a name starting with "anti."

The butterfly illustration is a good one.

I read your book on this topic a few weeks ago. I found it both convincing and compelling.
Sam I pastor in Fullerton CA and I too became convinced of an amil perspective over the last few years as I wrestled with some weakness in my historic premil perspective. I would enjoy talking with you some day or having you speak at our church. I too am in A29. Anyway. Peace and grace


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