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Enjoying God Blog

Charles Spurgeon would never have been accused of fanaticism or emotionalism. Yet he understood the critical importance and incomparable delight of enjoying God. Although he was addressing the church of the 19th century, his reflections on Psalm 32 have special relevance for us today:

"Our happiness should be demonstrative; . . . men whisper their praises decorously where a hearty outburst of song would be far more natural. It is to be feared that the church of the present day, through a craving for excessive propriety, is growing too artificial; so that enquirers' cries and believers' shouts would be silenced if they were heard in our assemblies. This may be better than boisterous fanaticism, but there is as much danger in the one direction as the other. For our part, we are touched to the heart by a little sacred excess, and when godly men in their joy overleap the narrow bounds of decorum, we do not, like Michal, Saul's daughter, eye them with a sneering heart.”

(The Treasury of David [Peabody, MA: Hendrickson Publishers, n.d.], 1:85).

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