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A few weeks ago I concluded preaching through the book of Revelation. It was an incredible challenge but a rewarding one as well. The series lasted for 38 weeks. Every Sunday we dug deeply into this remarkable and at times unsettling book. Each verse was addressed. Nothing was ignored.

I’m happy to let you know that the full manuscript for each sermon on Revelation is now available on my website. This means that you have at your disposal a verse-by-verse interpretation of this most important Word from God.

Simply click at the top of the home page on Resources, then Articles, where you will see Biblical Studies. Scroll down to the bottom where you will find the 38 articles on Revelation. I hope and pray they are helpful to you as you seek to go deeper into the riches of God’s Word.

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Dear Dr. Storms,

It looks as though there are only 37 Revelation 'lessons' available in your blog.
Number 16 appears to be absent [Revelation 6:9-11 ???)

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