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New Articles on Proverbs now Available!


I just recently posted at www.samstorms.org ten new articles on the book of Proverbs. This brings the total number to eighteen.

If you’ve never accessed the material, simply click at the top of the home page on the word Resources. You will then see a new tab, Biblical Studies. Scroll down the page and you will come to the series on Proverbs. I hope and pray you find these helpful.

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Thanks for these Sam. If I had it to do over, I would spend more time in Proverbs with our kids when they were small. Humanly speaking anyway, I think the common sense and wisdom of Proverbs helps establish the Bible as credible in the minds and hearts of kids. The miraculous and difficult are much harder to resist when we have been exposed to the wisdom of God in Proverbs.

What is up with this guy?

"The way to stop violence in America is to stop spanking children.” Spanking, he went on to assert, promotes the thesis that violence against others is acceptable. And now I’m quoting again: “Spanking is the first half-inch on the yardstick of violence. It is followed by hitting and ultimately by rape, murder, and assassination. The modeling behavior that occurs at home sets the stage [and sends this message]: ‘I will resort to violence when I don’t know what else to do. "

Good night, does he assume that giving kids a candy bar is followed by years of substance abuse and all the evils that come along with it?

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