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As you probably know by now, J. I. Packer went to be with his Lord and Savior on Friday, July 17, five days short of his 94th birthday.

Below is a link to a podcast where I talk about his life and theology and the influence he had on me and countless others.


Hi, Sam
I don't think you will remember me , but I was there in school when Ann got the call that something was happening
in Toronto and a bunch of us students rushed through a snow storm to see for our selves. You were my teacher in school and one time you addressed those at a conference to pray for me as I had a brain tumor at the time. I saw you with Mike Bickle on their 20th anniversary. You were such a gift to me , you look good.
I have my original copy of Knowing God here in my home library. I keep it close. I always write the date that I purchase a book in the flyleaf. The date is 1975.

I keep trying to remember how as a relatively new Christian and a young aspiring Pentecostal preacher, I came to possess a copy of Knowing God. It seems so unlikely.

As you know, there was no Amazon back then. There were few Christian bookstores. I just chalk it up to Providence.
Thank God for it! And thank God for James Packer!
Thanks Sam, I would like to have met Jim Packer and look forward to meeting him on the other side.

I couldn't agree with you more that "Knowing God" is appropriate for unbeliever, new believer, and mature believer. Who would not benefit from that book?

So thankful, that God got that book to me as a young Christian.

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