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Episdoe 63 / Christian Cessationist Now Believes In Continuation of Charismatic Gifts / The 180 Cast - with Georgi Boorman

Christian theologian and author Sam Storms rejoins the podcast to talk about why he ceased to be a cessationist and now believes the charismatic gifts of the Spirit, such as prophecy and speaking in tongues, are present and active in believers today.

Sam tackles some of the most confusing aspects regarding the practice of the gifts, like how they are supposed to be used to edify the church, and whether the weirdness of a behavior automatically disqualifies it as being biblical and of the Spirit.

Don't miss out on hearing one of the most controversial 180s in Christian doctrine.

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Follow Sam @Samuel_Storms and find his writing at His forthcoming book is called Understanding Spiritual Gifts: A Comprehensive Guide, to be released from Zondervan September 1, 2020.
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Follow me @georgi_boorman for uncensored opinions on politics and culture from a Christian perspective. You can find most of my writing at The Federalist, where I am a Senior Contributor.


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Hello Sam! I’ve been trying to find out a way to send you a message and maybe this is what works… At any rate I’m a bit of an historian of the International House of prayer and live here in Kansas City and am a part of the church and was just hoping that you were going to publish your history of the house of prayer at some point that you mentioned you were going to do last fall? Or fall 2018? Would love to get a lot more insight details to fill in my history gaps that I gleaned from books, old audio files and from the the series of histories Mike has given overtime. Thanks so much!

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