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If you would like to listen to my conversation with Susie Larson of Faith Radio on the subject of spiritual warfare and my new book, Understanding Spiritual Warfare: A Comprehensive Guide (Zondervan), go here and scroll down a bit.

This interview took place yesterday, Wednesday, July 8. Blessings,



Hello Dr. Storms.
Some time ago I asked you a spiritual warfare related question, which was how to discern the difference between a spirit of divination and the Holy Spirit; the basis for that question was the incident with Paul and the slave girl who kept crying out that they were servants of the most High God come to show people how to be saved. What she said was truth and it was accurate and it seemed to support God's kingdom not satan's and so for many that would pass muster as genuine stuff. But obviously it wasn't. So I guess what I am wondering is how do we watch out for counterfeits of the Holy Spirit , angels of light etc, when its not so obvious? You had mentioned a new book you had coming out that dealt with that and Im wondering if its the spiritual warfare one or another one. Thank you.
Dr. sam podcast today is life changing. I am a pastor and have battled warfare very hard for years. I wish somehow I could speak to him briefly. This stuff he said is spot on wow
Thanks again
Dee Jay Shoulders
615 423-0040

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