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“Sam, why do you use such inflammatory language?” The answer is simple: I want to be inflammatory. I also use it because that is the language being employed by pro-abortion advocates. Consider this one statement from John Fetterman, the Lt. Governor and U.S. Senate candidate from Pennsylvania:

“Let’s be clear: The right to an abortion is sacred.”

I took the time to look up the word “sacred” in the Oxford English Dictionary. I know what it means, but I thought it would be helpful for everyone to see. Sacred is defined as “connected with a deity and so deserving veneration; holy.” So, let me be certain that I get this right. Torturing, dismembering, and killing an unborn child is a sacred right deserving of veneration. It is a holy act that should be protected by law. Well, yes, that appears to be precisely what people are saying. Well, they don’t actually say it in that way. They say: “The woman’s right to choose is sacred.”

Ok., we’ll go with that. But I have a question: “Choose” what? This isn’t any choice, like the ones you and I made today as to what we would eat for lunch. This is no routine, inconsequential choice that affects no one but ourselves. This is a choice that terminates the existence of an innocent baby in the womb.

I would respect the pro-abortion advocates much more, all the while passionately disagreeing with them, if they were honest in their rhetoric. Just say it, folks! Say what you mean. You want to preserve the legal right to choose to kill your unborn baby. The word “abortion” is itself a euphemism, a rhetorical device employed to avoid having to say, “the killing of an unborn baby.”

Oh, I know the push back. It isn’t a baby, they say. It’s only a fetus. First of all, your demand that this choice should remain legal is a choice to terminate life, is it not? If it weren’t alive, whatever the “it” is, there would be no need to terminate it.

But what are you terminating? Is it a koala bear. You’re not just pulling weeds, like you regularly do in your backyard. This isn’t like picking an apple from the tree and tossing it aside. Your “choice” is to torture (yes, the unborn child can feel pain), dismember (yes, read the graphic accounts of precisely how abortions take place, especially those that are late term), and kill this child. Yes, this is a child! He/she is not a kumquat or chimpanzee or goldfish. This is a human being, shaped in the image of God.

“Hold on a minute Storms! Keep your hands off my body!” Ok, I can agree to that, if you will agree to keep your hands off your baby’s body! I have no desire to touch your body. I only ask that you not lay lethal hands on the body of another person, namely, that person in your womb. You are free to do with your body whatever you please, as long as you do not make use of it to harm another person.

“Yeah, but what about our reproductive rights?” Ok, you have the right to control what your body, in conjunction with another person, reproduces. And the only time that this right can be exercised is when you decide to have sexual relations with that other person. But once that decision results in the creation of another person, you have no right to kill it.

Will Roe v. Wade be overturned by the Supreme Court? I fervently hope and passionately pray that it will. Abortion is a scourge on this land and an affront to all that is holy. Worse still, it is a dishonoring of God and his glorious gift of life. It is the very antithesis of all that is “sacred”.

[Be assured of this. As bad as abortion is, it is a sin that can be forgiven! If you’ve ever had one, or paid for one, you don’t have to live with the burden of shame and guilt. Jesus died for sinners, even those commit abortion. Cry out to him for forgiveness and he will set you free! I promise!]


“Sam, why do you use such inflammatory language?” The answer is simple: I want to be inflammatory. I also use it because that is the language being employed by pro-abortion advocates."

I appreciated these opening sentences very much. The sentiment behind them reminds me of something I heard during my Vineyard days: "Our Lord offends our minds to expose our hearts." May the Holy Spirit use your rhetoric to offend minds in order to expose hearts.
Sam, Thanks again for a powerful article. I appreciate your strong stand. May God bless you dear brother, your ministry and family.

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