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In my recent article where I interacted with John Piper’s comments on the current election, I hinted that I was giving serious consideration to voting for neither Trump nor Biden. Whereas I still believe that this is a legitimate option for Christians, I have decided that it is not a legitimate option for me personally. I’m not saying for whom I’m voting, but I’m voting in the presidential election. I simply cannot justify, to the satisfaction of my own conscience, not voting in a year when the stakes are so high for our country.

If you wonder why I’m not identifying the candidate for whom I’ve voting, it has to do with the position I hold as senior pastor at Bridgeway. I take seriously the responsibility to urge and advocate for policies and principles that are most consistent with Scripture. And I will always preach and teach accordingly. But I do not believe I have the freedom to publicly endorse a particular candidate. Ask me privately, as a citizen, and I’ll probably tell you. But I won’t use my position as a pastor or the power of my pulpit to encourage others to join me in my support of any particular individual. I realize that other pastors have no reservations in stating their position, and I respect their choice in that matter. To each his own.

In any case, let’s join together in prayer for the outcome of Tuesday’s election, and ask that God would use it to put in positions of political and legal authority those men and women who stand for biblical truth and ethics.


Joe Biden just said he will sign into law the following:
I see you have decided to vote after your defense of John Piper's inability to make himself do so. Presumably, this allows you to feel good about defending his position, but saving face at the same time by grudgingly voting yourself. Which is it? You are playing it both ways. The heart and the soul of the nation is at stake. The stakes are freedom versus Marxist takeover and the lives of the unborn children versus another million or so legal abortions in the next year. And the two of you (Piper and Storms) are having difficulty making a decision about which man to vote for? It makes me want to vomit. Character is important, and although Trump is brash and abrasive, look at his record as president. Exactly opposite of Biden's proposals, and consistent with a leader embracing biblical principles. If two shepherds like you can't see this, the church at large is in trouble. You talk of character and pride while publicly making accusations, yes, accusations, against a sitting president, who you are instructed biblically to pray for. He is not a pastor. He is an elected official. If I need a brain tumor removed, I choose the one who is competent yet brash and abrasive and not the one who by his other actions shows he has no real respect of the sanctity of life. Wake up America! Drive a stake in the ground for the unborn, but not just drive a stake, let your actions show that your stand is not just a bunch of idle words! You should be ecstatic to have a President who has embraced the most pro-life policies and legislation in our country's history.
Thank you for writing this response to Pastor John’s post. I greatly struggle with if I will show up to vote or not. So many exhausting worries. Nevertheless, I commit to praying with the body and you as we all seek sharing the Gospel and having a nation that honors God. Blessings, Pastor.

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