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Some people are unnerved by the thought that God is omniscient. To know that God knows everything, and especially that he knows everything about us, can be frightening. But it shouldn’t be. J. I. Packer explains why:

“Certainly there are moments when we have reason to be grateful that no other person can read our own minds – except God! Even that may feel a little unnerving. That the God who knows every square inch of the faintest star in the unvierse, who understands the most complex philosophy (both its flaws and its wisdom) and who counts the exact number of hairs on our heads also reads our thoughts and desires, our motives, our dreams, might make us uneasy – yet to believers it brings enormous comfort. God knows us – in the most thorough sense of that word – and whatever weird and unworthy things he finds inside us, he loves us still” (J. I. Packer, Praying, 137).

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THIS is amazing grace, that God would reside in the Adamic, never to leave us or forsake us., especially when you consider Job 15:15. "Behold God puts no trust in his holy ones, and the heavens are not pure in his sight..."

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