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I wouldn't write this if I didn't have so much respect for you and your teachings. Prophecy has been done so poorly by so many, that I become leery when people talk about it. It seems like it overshadows a fruitful witness, a changed life, a deep love for God, a living of the Gospel, and a complete immersion and love for Scripture. It is almost like. This is the basics of what it is to be a Christian, if you want to add prophecy to it, more power (in every sense of the term) to you, but if in some way it is overshadowing a basic relationship and submission to God and his word and a transformed life, it isn't to be believed. If John Piper were to claim a gift of prophecy because of his maturity, love for God and insight into the Bible I would be far less inclined to question him.

I think MacCarthy was right when he said examine yourselves and test everything. But he saw so much that wasn't really prophecy that he threw out and questioned everything.

I guess my problem with prophecy is if I had to convince people of one thing, it would be their sinfulness and need for a Savior and availability of reconciliation for them through the cross of Jesus. Somehow convincing them that I hear from God and my messages are from God outside of the scripture is an additional task and could be a distraction. I will argue that God can and does speak to us mostly through Scripture, but not necessarily entirely through Scripture, but I think of you more as an expositor of Scripture and a valuable resource in the study and application of Scripture than a prophet. IT seems that study and meditation of scripture and time with and listening to God would be much more valuable than a conference in how to "hear" God's voice.

I have seen so many people who would never talk about the gift of prophecy, but would talk about the power of God and necessity and dependence on God in their lives and ministry.

I have seen people who claim and rejoice in the gifts of God and desire and brag about the gifts and their superiority because of the gifts rather then the giver and his superiority.

Do you have any blogs on the subject? You have so much balance in your understanding of the Scripture and such an obvious love for it, I would love to read more on the subject.

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