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Why do people need to be train in the gifts.

Hi Dr Storms
I am first student of London Seminary and l am beginning to develop a strong liking for your ministry where your focus is on the word and the spirit. Interesting to hear charismatic Calvinist from you. I strongly buy into that idea. I came from a charismatic setting and l at the moment in a school that focus more on the puritans however l also believe that the Holy Spirit is very very important for our ministries.
I will like to know more about you and your ministry.
My desire is to follow your footsteps and plant a church in London with the same charismatic Calvinist attitude. I live in London with my family and l was extremely overjoyed when heard about you.
I hope you will respond to me and it will be great to meet you personally even if l have to travel to US.
Many Thanks
Joseph Addo

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