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I’m truly excited to let you know that I have just launched my new podcast with the title, Exploring Word and Spirit. If ever the church of Jesus Christ stood in need of a convergence between the life-changing truths of God’s written Word, the Bible, and the supernatural power of God’s Holy Spirit, it is now. For far too long Christians have given themselves to one to the exclusion of the other. We’ve been lied to. We’ve been told you can’t have both, that you must choose one or the other. Experts have spoken loudly that it simply isn’t possible to experience the inseparable wedding of deep doctrine and passionate delight, of a mind inflamed by theology and a heart on fire by the Spirit. One will eventually cancel out the other. Or so they say.

I choose to disagree. I choose to believe God’s Word, a Word, by the way, that was inspired by God’s Spirit! I choose to believe that God has not given us a choice, that if we are to be obedient and become more instrumental in the spread of the gospel and the glory of Jesus, we must embrace both, no matter how great a challenge that may be, no matter how high the cost.

That is the energy and drive behind this podcast. In it I will explore with you a variety of issues in God’s Word. We will dig deeply into Scripture and do so unapologetically and without any fear that thinking about complex theological issues we run the risk of quenching the Spirit. I will explore the supernatural person and power and ministry of the Holy Spirit, without ever hesitating for fear that we might lose ourselves in fanaticism and emotionalism.

My plan is to release a new episode each Tuesday and Friday. I hope and pray you will join me in this journey of exploration. You can access the podcast by clicking on the Podcast link at the top of this page and choosing which of the many ways you prefer to listen. I also invite you to subscribe so that you never miss a program. And if God should move on your heart to help me financially as we go forward with this ministry, you can click on the Support button at the top of this page and follow the instructions.



I am so excited about the podcast format, Dr. Storms! I love your blog content, but as a stay-at-home mom, I find the audio format so much more accessible. I appreciate your perspective and have been so encouraged in my walk through your teachings. Looking forward to listening!
Really looking forward to this. So glad you’re doing this. I already have so many questions.

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