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I’m excited about a new biography of C. S. Lewis just released by Tyndale House. Alister McGrath, Professor King’s College, London, has written: C. S. Lewis: A Life, Eccentric Genius, Reluctant Prophet (Carol Stream: Tyndale House, 2013), 427 pp. The only other biography written by McGrath that I’ve read is his treatment of the life of J. I. Packer. This one looks to be quite good, if the endorsements are any measure of its quality. McGrath is applauded by such as Tim Keller, Eric Metaxas, N. T. Wright, and Alan Jacobs. Perhaps the most informed C. S. Lewis scholar of our day is my former colleague at Wheaton College and good friend, Lyle Dorsett. Dorsett writes: “For people who might wonder if we need another biography of C. S. Lewis, McGrath’s crisp, insightful, and at times quite original portrait of the celebrated Oxford Christian will change their minds.” As soon as I’ve had opportunity to read it, I’ll post on whether you should.

Let me mention one additional interesting historical fact. As many of you know, 2013 is the 50th anniversary of Lewis’s death (he actually passed away in 1963 on the same day when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated). But this year is also the 60th anniversary of the death of Joseph Stalin. Stalin led the former Soviet Union from 1924 until his death in 1953. What a striking contrast between two lives: one who was wholly devoted to Christ for the sake of others, and the other wholly consumed with himself at the expense of others.

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