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A brief review of Tough Topics by Jason Garwood, Lead Pastor of Colwood Church in Caro, MI. Jason blogs at

In his book ‘Tough Topics,’ Pastor Sam Storms attempts to tackle some of the most often asked questions in Christianity today. I applaud Storms’ efforts because the church must be able to answer them in accordance with the Scriptures, and Storms does a masterful job at doing so.

To pick out my favorites would be an impossible task because I enjoyed all 25 of them. His chapter on tithing was very well done; his chapters on salvation and the question of whether or not someone can lose it was top notch. I also appreciated very much his work in several of the chapters related to Angels, Demons and Satan.

A couple of quotes for your reading pleasure:

“The Word of God is the means or instrument by which the Holy Spirit regenerates the human heart. That is to say, the proclamation or communication of the Word is the catalyst for the inception of spiritual life.” (From chapter 1, Is the Bible Inerrant? pg.31)

“The basis for our security in salvation is not ultimately our righteousness or obedience but God’s promise, God’s power, God’s purposes, and most of all God’s passionate love for us in Christ. God is committed to preserving us in faith, for if we were to stumble as to fully and finally fall away, God would stand to lose more than we do. ” (From chapter 15, Can Christians Lose Their Salvation? pg. 207)

This book is definitely one you need to have on your shelf. It is one that I will be returning to often as it has already proved to be an invaluable resource. I intend on passing it along to many in my congregation who are looking for answers and need some help getting back to Scriptures. The chapters are biblically saturated, and appropriate in length. Anyone will benefit from picking up Tough Topics.

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