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“10 Things You Should Know” now available!


I’m happy to inform everyone that my series of articles, 10 Things You Should Know, is now available at this website. Some of you may recall that over the course of a couple of years I posted nearly every week an article under the title, 10 Things You Should Know about . . . The series covered multiple topics in theology, church history, local church life, and daily Christian living.

These articles can now be found in one place on the website. Simply click on Resources at the top of the Home page and then on Articles. Under Articles you will see a category, Theological Studies. The first entry is 10 Things You Should Know. There are 156 articles for your reading pleasure! I pray that those of you who are new to the site and did not read these when they first came out will find them helpful.

One more thing. People will often contact me and ask permission to make copies of articles such as these (and the hundreds more on my site). My copyright policy is that you have the right to copy! I only ask two things. First, please don’t change any of the wording or content. If you do, you must first obtain permission from me. Second, do not charge anything for the material, other than what it costs you to make copies for others.



Thank you for gathering all your "10 Things ..." posts into one easy-to-find category. They are very useful articles, and now are more readily available.
I have been readings Sams books for many years and would forward to receiving 10 things you should know.

Larry Barrett

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