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The Issues I Address and the Questions I Answer in my New Book, The Language of Heaven: Crucial Questions about Speaking in Tongues


the-language-of-heaven-sam-stormsMy new book, The Language of Heaven: Crucial Questions about Speaking in Tongues was officially released yesterday, on June 4, and is available now at Amazon. Below is the list of 30 questions about tongues that I seek to answer in the book.

Introduction: Tongues – A Good Gift from the Father of Lights
My First Experience of Speaking in Tongues
(1) What happened on the Day of Pentecost?
(2) Where Else in Acts did People Speak in Tongues?
(3) Does the gift of tongues always and invariably follow Spirit baptism as its initial physical evidence?
(4) Are tongues always human languages previously unlearned by the speaker, languages such as German or Japanese or Swahili? If not, what kind of language is speaking in tongues?
(5) Is the Gift of Tongues primarily Designed for the Evangelism of Unbelievers?
(6) Is it OK to seek one’s own Personal Edification by Speaking in Tongues?
(7) What does Paul mean when he says that the person who prophecies is greater than the person who speaks in tongues? Does this mean that tongues is always inferior to prophecy?
(8) Is Tongues Speech an “Ecstatic” Experience?
(9) Is speaking in tongues a sign of anti-intellectualism or perhaps an indication that people are afraid of the mind and deep theological thinking?
(10) When one speaks in tongues is it primarily directed to men or to God?
(11) If tongues is primarily a form of prayer in words we don’t understand, how can it be helpful to us in our relationship with God?
(12) Is tongues also a way to worship God?
(13) Is it permissible for people to sing in tongues in corporate worship?
(14) Does Paul always insist on interpretation if tongues are used in the public gathering of the church, and if so, why?
(15) Does Paul teach that tongues may be used in private devotional prayer or must all tongues speech take place in the corporate assembly of the church, followed by interpretation?
(16) What is the Gift of Interpretation of Tongues?
(17) Why is Tongues Speech often so Rapid?
(18) Why do some say that speaking in tongues is the least important spiritual gift? Is it?
(19) Is the fact that Tongues is mentioned only in Acts and 1 Corinthians an indication that it was regarded by NT authors as comparatively unimportant in the Christian life?
(20) What does it mean to “pray in the Spirit”? Is this a reference to speaking in tongues?
(21) Does Romans 8:26-27 refer to the gift of tongues?
(22) Can we learn anything about tongues from Mark 16:17?
(23) Can a person pray for another person in uninterpreted tongues?
(24) How might tongues help us in our spiritual battle with Satan and his demonic forces?
(25) Are tongues revelatory?
(26) Are tongues a sign of judgment against unbelieving Jews?
(27) If I don’t have the gift of tongues but want it, what should I do?
(28) Can/Should all Christians speak in tongues? Is tongues a gift that God intends to supply to every believer or is it only given to some?
(29) Do we have good biblical reasons to believe that the gift of tongues is still valid for today?
(30) Did tongues disappear in church history following the death of the apostles only to reappear in the 20th century?

I conclude the book with several fascinating and encouraging testimonies of others who speak in tongues, specifically Jackie Pullinger, to whom the book is dedicated.


Sounds like a great and needed book. I have heard many people speak in tongues over the last 45 years and wonder why so many say the word "shondai".
Hello Sam,
I just purchased your book on speaking in tongues. I am a reformed Christian who has spoken in tongues ever since I came to faith in Christ in 1971 on the Berkeley campus. I live in central PA where a reformed Christian who speaks in tongues is not a common thing. I came to the part in your book where you mentioned about Martyn Lloyd -Jones and the sealing of the Spirit. I have a high regard for Lloyd Jones ministry and have been mentored in depth by his teachings. Lloyd Jones in Joy Unspeakable states in the chapter on The Sealing of the Spirit on page 161 s, "My dear friends, I am telling you that these things are the same: 'baptism with the Spirit,'sealing with the Spirit', 'the earnest of the Spirit', 'the assurance of the Spirit with our spirits that we are the children
of God. If you want to correctly understand Lloyd-Jones' teaching on the Baptism with the Spirit then read chapter 1 in Joy Unspeakable. For example, Lloyd Jones believes that the disciples at Ephesus were true believers for Paul would not have baptized them in water if he didn't think they were already regenerated by the Spirit. If one is regenerated by the Spirit then the Spirit is dwelling in them. After that Paul lays his hands on them and they are baptized in the Holy Spirit. Lloyd Jones says of them, "But what is established beyond any doubt is that one can be a believer without being baptized by the Holy Spirit." (p.31). At the same time I have yet to be convinced that Lloyd-Jones' position is wrong but if in the process of reading your book I am convinced otherwise so be it.
I believe as you do that a Christian can be refilled with the Spirit and that the gifts will continue until our Lord returns. I look forward to reading the rest of your book.
As someone who was trained in a cessationist denomination, discovering that God’s word about spiritual gifts is just as necessary for today as any other teaching to the church left me confused about the how-to’s of this ministry. I am very thankful to have a presentation that addresses so many of our questions, with an aim of teaching what accords with sound doctrine. It means so much to me.

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