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Apr 2023 3 Apr 3, 2023

My spiritual mentor during my college years at the University of Oklahoma didn’t intend to quench the Spirit in my life, but he did. I had rushed back to my fraternity house after experiencing the most profound encounter with the Holy Spirit that I had ever known. I called John on the phone and asked him to come pick me up. As I sat down in his car, he said rather bluntly: “I know what happened to you tonight. You spoke in tongues, didn’t you?” Ho...Read More

Mar 2023 29 Mar 29, 2023

In the previous article I explained and responded to the many arguments cited as to why a Christian cannot be demonized. In this article I examine the arguments and biblical texts that suggest a Christian can, in fact, be demonized. Arguments supporting the Demonization of Christians The Reality of Demonic Activity and Attack We begin with those passages that describe the reality of demonic activity and attack. Most of these texts fail to prove the thesis that a Chris...Read More

Mar 2023 27 Mar 27, 2023

The internet has been abuzz of late over the question of whether a Christian can be demonized. In this and a subsequent article I will provide what I believe is a biblical answer to that question. Before proceeding, you may want to go back to the previous article in which I explained what it means to say that a person is demonized. Arguments for a Modified Demonization of Christians Several authors suggest that a believer can be demonized, but in a somewhat modified or...Read More

Mar 2023 23 Mar 23, 2023

Much is being written and said these days about demonic activity in relation to Christians. Specifically, can a Christian be demonized? This short explanation of what it means to be demonized (and the fact that the terminology of demon possession is nowhere found in the NT) is a prelude to the next two articles in which I address the question of whether or not a born-again Christian can be indwelt by a demonic spirit. Some of you are probably wondering why I have chosen...Read More

Mar 2023 20 Mar 20, 2023

I often find that Christians live largely in ignorance of who the Holy Spirit is and the relationship that he sustains to all who have come to faith in Jesus. There are two metaphors in the NT that portray how the Spirit relates to each of us, and I want to briefly explain them in this article. The first metaphor or image is found in the words of John the Baptist. In John 1:33 he declares that whereas he baptizes people in water, there is one coming after him who will b...Read More

Mar 2023 15 Mar 15, 2023

Some readers of this blog and my books on spiritual gifts may be wondering if I’m placing too much of an emphasis on the spiritual gift of prophecy. I don’t believe I am, and here is why. First, we know from the events on the Day of Pentecost in Acts 2 that Peter, quoting the words of the OT prophet Joel, described the entire present church age in which we live as one that will be characterized by the gift of prophecy among all of God’s people. &ldq...Read More

Mar 2023 13 Mar 13, 2023

This article was originally published at the website of Crossway books (www.crossway.org) on July 18, 2020. Remembering Packer On July 17, 2020, J. I. Packer, the beloved Anglican author and theologian, went home to be with the Lord. Yet his life and ministry continue to impact the lives of countless Christians around the world, primarily through his many books and essays. In this episode, Sam Storms, author of Packer on the Christian Life, discusses Packer’s lif...Read More

Mar 2023 6 Mar 6, 2023

The language of extravagant blessing is thoroughly biblical—even if it’s sometimes abused. ANDREW WILSON|FEBRUARY 13, 2023 [My good friend, Andrew Wilson, has written an excellent article on divine abundance. With all the confusion in some charismatic circles about the so-called “prosperity” gospel, Andrew brings biblical insight to bear on an important topic.] Pentecostal and charismatic Christians love the theme of divine abundance. Hopefully...Read More

Mar 2023 3 Mar 3, 2023

In a previous article I explained the perspective concerning the nature of God as expressed by Oneness Pentecostalism or what is also known as the Jesus Only movement. I won’t bother to repeat myself, but wish instead to explain why historic, orthodox Christianity has always affirmed what we refer to as Trinitarianism. Let me say from the start that this is an intellectually taxing topic. Augustine (d. 430 a.d.) famously said that if you try to understand the Trin...Read More

Feb 2023 27 Feb 27, 2023

[I recently posted here on my website 70 sermon manuscripts that will take you verse by verse through the Gospel of John. Click on Resources at the top of the home page and then Articles. You’ll find the series on John in the left hand column. In view of my having preached through John, I found Michael Kruger’s article on seven reasons why the gospel of John is so special to be quite insightful and helpful. I think you’ll enjoy it.] “One of these...Read More