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Oct 2019 14 Oct 14, 2019

One of the more breathtaking scenes in the gospels is that of Jesus walking on the water. We read about it in Matthew 14:22-33; Mark 6:45-52; and in John 6:16-21. Jesus did not come “by” the Sea, but “on” the Sea of Galilee. Liberal skeptics respond to this story in much the same way they do to the feeding of the 5,000. They scoff that anyone in our highly technological and educated society would believe Jesus literally walked on water. They insis...Read More

Oct 2019 10 Oct 10, 2019

[On September 24, 2019, Michael Kruger posted an article on his blog that I believe you will greatly enjoy.] Our world’s skepticism over miracles is nothing new. Ever since David Hume, philosophers and scholars have been making the case against the possibility of miracles. But, now things have shifted. Hume has been roundly (and decisively) rebutted and philosophers now realize that one cannot prove miracles are impossible. But, not to worry, now there’s a ...Read More

Oct 2019 7 Oct 7, 2019

I may be one of the few individuals who still reads the local newspaper every day. I can’t adjust to reading the news on-line. So, there I was on Saturday morning (October 5, 2019) reading the Spiritual Life section of our local paper, The Oklahoman. One story in particular caught my eye. It was alarming, to say the least. Worse than alarming, it was heartbreaking. The story was titled, “Casting sins away.” It concerned a water ritual that helps mark R...Read More

Oct 2019 3 Oct 3, 2019

Saturday, October 5th, is the birthday of my theological hero, Jonathan Edwards. He was born in 1703 in East Windsor, Connecticut, and his life and words continue to affect me in countless ways. The Edwards home was rather unusual, as Jonathan had 10 sisters and no brothers! But that’s not my focus in this article. I want to briefly reflect on one of the more important truths that occupied his mind. Although what follows is primarily designed for those who, like Ed...Read More

Sep 2019 30 Sep 30, 2019

We just concluded our second national Convergence conference here in OKC and witnessed a multitude of healings. As people send in reports of what happened, I’ll share them on this blog. In my first message at the conference I addressed the problem of the gap (indeed, the vast chasm!) that often exists between what we believe the Bible teaches to be true and what we have personally experienced. We are always quick to believe and embrace what reinforces and confirms...Read More

Sep 2019 25 Sep 25, 2019

Rock stars rarely age well. The Rolling Stones are a case in point. Often called The Strolling Bones, and not without cause (!), this once energetic and controversial sixties group was actually invited to perform during the Super Bowl halftime show a few years ago. Of all their many hits, the one that lingers most in my memory is the grammatically torturous, “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”! As I type it, Microsoft Word faithfully reminds me of its error ...Read More

Sep 2019 23 Sep 23, 2019

Our pluralistic, consumer driven society is all about choices, options, and diversity. If you don’t like what you see, be patient; another version, an updated edition, a new and improved alternative will soon appear. This is often the case in certain expressions of contemporary “Christianity” (so-called). Don’t like the Jesus of evangelical, orthodox biblical faith? No problem. There are plenty of other Jesus’s to choose from. There’s...Read More

Sep 2019 20 Sep 20, 2019

No. There is no such thing as the spiritual gift of healing. There never has been and never will be. Obviously, this calls for some explanation. Many Christians, perhaps even most, think of healing in much the same way they do the spiritual gifts of teaching or mercy or evangelism or encouragement. That is to say, they envision a person with the gift of healing as being able to heal all diseases at any time, whenever they will. A person with the gift of teaching can teac...Read More

Sep 2019 16 Sep 16, 2019

I am constantly amazed that this question is still being asked, and even more amazed that some Christians respond by saying, Yes. May I remind you of a few important things that Muslims believe, or conversely, don’t believe? Muslims deny the truth of the Trinity, that the one eternal God exists in three co-equal persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Muslims also deny the incarnation. We are told in John 1:14 that the eternal Word or Second Person of the Trinity ...Read More

Sep 2019 13 Sep 13, 2019

Whereas the NT is quite clear that the office of Elder is restricted to qualified men, there is considerable and on-going dispute among evangelicals on the question of whether women can serve in the office of Deacon. Here are my reasons for saying Yes to this question. (1) Although the word for “deacon” can describe a non-technical ministry of serving to which all Christians are called, I believe Romans 16:1 is speaking of the office of deacon to which one m...Read More