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Mar 2021 4 Mar 4, 2021

Yet another of the more influential men in my life has gone to be with Jesus. I can’t begin to describe what Larry Crabb meant to me and my approach to pastoral ministry. Larry entered heaven on February 28, at the age of 77. I first met Larry in 1987. I was a deeply burdened pastor who had hit a wall, not knowing how to minister to the needs of people who were deeply wounded and hurting. I heard about a week-long seminar that Larry and Dan Allender were hosting a...Read More

Mar 2021 1 Mar 1, 2021

One of the arguments that I often hear from my cessationist friends is that the gift of prophecy is simply another way of referring to what we typically understand to be the preaching or teaching of God’s Word. When defined this way, the cessationist can affirm that “prophecy” is still valid today without having to acknowledge that the Holy Spirit is revealing truths to believers above and beyond (but never contrary to) what we find in Scripture. But i...Read More

Feb 2021 22 Feb 22, 2021

The gospel is, by definition, good news. But included in the good news of what happens when one believes is the bad news of what happens when one rejects Christ. That is why Paul says in Romans 2:16 that it is “according to” the gospel that God will judge people by Christ Jesus (v. 16). This judgment will expose “the secrets of men,” the hidden thoughts, fantasies, wicked plans and ulterior motives of all humanity. That God’s judgment will ...Read More

Feb 2021 18 Feb 18, 2021

I’m hearing more and more these days about the purported therapeutic value in “forgiving God.” For those who have suffered greatly, healing comes, at least in part, when we are enabled by God’s grace to forgive those who have sinned against us. On occasion we also hear of the importance of forgiving “ourselves” (which, I must confess, strikes me as lacking biblical sanction; but that is for another time). What concerns me most is when ...Read More

Feb 2021 15 Feb 15, 2021

Two years ago, I sat with my good friend Wayne Grudem in his home in Phoenix as we talked about his research into the subject of divorce and remarriage. In his excellent book, Christian Ethics: An Introduction to Biblical Moral Reasoning (Crossway, 2018), for which I wrote an endorsement, he argued for the traditional view that divorce and remarriage were permissible (but never mandatory) on the grounds of adultery and abandonment. Wayne shared with me that his view was...Read More

Feb 2021 8 Feb 8, 2021

Everyone, it seems, has their own definition or description of revival. Here I want to identify ten features of biblical revival. Among the many who have influenced my thinking on this topic, I have to mention J. I. Packer, on whom I am greatly dependent. This week at Bridgeway we embark on four days of prayer and fasting. There are many things for which we are praying and seeking God, chief among which is a revival of his people and his church. So, here is what happens ...Read More

Feb 2021 1 Feb 1, 2021

Every so often the blatant hypocrisy and utter moral inconsistency of certain political figures in our country is more than I can take. Today I want to share with you the most recent case in point. I do not write this in order to indict any political party or person, but simply to point out how blind and irrational some people can be, especially when it comes to the issue of abortion. In an article in USA Today on Friday, January 29, several people were objecting to the...Read More

Jan 2021 28 Jan 28, 2021

In a video posted to social media on Friday, January 8, in a clip from her weekly podcast, the secular Jewish comedienne and actress Sarah Silverman claimed that there is no hell. She said that she wanted to alleviate the fears of those who believe in eternal punishment. “If you’re in the range of my voice right now,” said Silverman, “and you’re someone who believes [in] and fears hell, let me release you of that fear right now. There is no ...Read More

Jan 2021 25 Jan 25, 2021

What are we to make of the many “failed prophecies” of Trump’s election to a second term? That was the question asked of me on Friday by a religion reporter from the New York Times. Her article should be published sometime this week. There are several things that I said in response. First, why is everyone making such a big deal of this? No one prophesies with 100% accuracy. The apostle Paul said that in this present age we prophesy “in part&rdquo...Read More

Jan 2021 18 Jan 18, 2021

I hope that all of you regularly listen to the Ask Pastor John podcast at www.desiringgod.org. In a recent episode he addressed a question that many are asking, the question posed in the title to this post. Piper’s response is clear and persuasive. I urge you to read it carefully. Let me make four kinds of observations, and hope and pray that these will give some guidance to our thinking and our feeling and our acting. And I think all three of those really matter,...Read More