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Jun 2020 22 Jun 22, 2020

One of the more enigmatic statements made by Jesus came on the day of his resurrection from the dead. His disciples were hiding out in the upper room, behind locked doors, terrified of what might soon befall them. Jesus suddenly appeared to them and said, “Peace be with you.” He then repeated himself and said to them again, “Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you.” And when he had said this, he breathed on them and ...Read More

Jun 2020 15 Jun 15, 2020

Ein feste burg ist unser Gott! Say what? Well, that’s how Martin Luther would have written it in his famous hymn: “A mighty fortress is our God,A bulwark never failing;He, amid the floodOf mortal ills prevailing.” There can be no doubt but that Luther’s sturdy, unshakeable, unflappable confidence in God as his refuge, his strength, his mighty, impenetrable fortress is what ultimately accounted for what he was able to accomplish in bringing a...Read More

Jun 2020 12 Jun 12, 2020

I recently engaged with the leaders of The Layman’s Lounge as they asked me numerous questions about spiritual gifts. Here is the link. https://thelaymenslounge.com/spiritual-gifts-often-faked-often-bizzare-but-very-much-needed/...Read More

Jun 2020 8 Jun 8, 2020

I don’t know how all of you feel in the wake of the events that have transpired in our country these past few weeks. And no, I’m not talking solely about the death of George Floyd and the resultant protests in our streets. I’m also including in this the pandemic that has proven so devastating in so many ways for so many people. So, I will only speak for myself when I say that I find it easy at times to identify with the perplexity of John the Baptist b...Read More

Jun 2020 5 Jun 5, 2020

Sometimes profound truths are tucked away in obscure and neglected places. That is certainly the case with what we see in 2 John 12. My guess is that many of you have never bothered to read 2 and 3 John, perhaps thinking that epistles so short could hardly say much of value. Oh, how wrong you would be! As we prepare to regather on June 7 as the family of God at Bridgeway here in Oklahoma City, I want to draw your attention to something the apostle John said at the close...Read More

May 2020 31 May 31, 2020

I’ve read and heard so many responses to the horrific murder of George Floyd that my heart is shattered and my head is spinning. I don’t know if there is anything more that can be said, but to remain silent is simply not an option. The issue that has erupted once again in our land is not primarily political, social, economic, or educational. It is spiritual. Racism is an expression of the depravity of the human soul. It is one of many symptoms of the corrupt...Read More

May 2020 25 May 25, 2020

I’m happy to announce that Jack Deere’s new book is now available for purchase at Amazon.com. The title is, Why I Am Still Surprised by the Power of the Spirit: Discovering How God Speaks and Heals Today (Zondervan, 320 pages). If you’re wondering if this is a reprint of his earlier best-selling book, Surprised by the Power of the Spirit, the answer is No. Although there is much here that appeared in that earlier volume, Jack has written a new work tha...Read More

May 2020 20 May 20, 2020

In the previous article I outlined my understanding of the structure of Revelation. I argued that the seal, trumpet, and bowl judgments have already been unleased in the earth and will occur, in varying degrees of intensity, all the way up until the time of the return of our Lord. In other words, they are descriptive of the commonplaces of human experience, both in the past, present, and yes also in the future. In this article we’ll look at the identity and meanin...Read More

May 2020 18 May 18, 2020

My good friend, Michael Brown, recently posted an article posing the question of whether or not the seven seals of Revelation have been opened. His conclusion is No. I hope my response and how I understand Revelation will be of some help in answering this pressing question. Perhaps the single greatest controversy surrounding Revelation and the most important issue when it comes to interpreting the book, is the question of its structure. Many, perhaps most, evangelicals ...Read More

May 2020 13 May 13, 2020

There seems to be no end to the hyper-critical, cynical comments coming from many cessationists in the professing Christian world. One of the more virulent threads I keep seeing on the internet is the mocking tone that asks why the many prophets in the charismatic world did not foresee the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, let me be clear about one thing. This brief response is not an unqualified defense or vindication of the many names that are mentioned in this regard. Some of ...Read More