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Bibliography On The Ministry of Divine Healing and The Person and Work of the Holy SpiritRead More

Introductory Issues Related to Divine HealingRead More

I. Healing in the Pentateuch   A. Jehovah Rapha   God is consistently referred to in the OT as Jehovah Rapha, "the God who heals." The Hebrew word rapha and its derivatives occur 86x in the OT. It means to restore a wrong, sick, broken or deficient condition to its original and proper state.   healing a sick body (2 Kings 20:5) repairing a broken down altar (1 Kings 18:30) restoring a dry, locust-eaten land (2 Chron. 7:14) making wholesome otherwi...Read More

Healing and Old Testament Prophets and in Isaiah 53 (Is there Healing in the Atonement?) Read More

1. Isaiah 35   It is widely argued that the description in Isa. 35 is of conditions that will prevail in the Messianic age to come. Premillennialists place the fulfillment of this text in the 1,000 year reign of Christ upon the earth following his second coming. Amillennialists believe it will be fulfilled in the New Heaven and New Earth of Rev. 21-22.   What is important to note, however, is that Jesus appealed to this passage as proof that He was the Mess...Read More

I.          Healing in the Psalms   "The psalms remind us again of the intimate connection in the Israelite mind between sin and sickness on the one hand, and divine favor and healing on the other hand, reflecting a worldview in which physical restoration is taken as an indication of spiritual reconciliation" (Brown, 119).   Those psalms generally recognized as dealing with sickness and healing include 6, 30, 38,...Read More

(Mark 5:21-43; Mt. 9:18-26)     The best way to learn about the healing ministry of Jesus is to examine several instances in which he actually heals someone. Rather than begin with an abstract theological model of divine healing, I want to begin with the concrete activity of healing that emerged in the routine of his daily life.   Mark 5:21-43 (Mt. 9:18-26)   vv. 21-23   This "synagogue official" was a man of great importance who had bee...Read More

1.         Acts 3:1-4:12   Several important points are to be noted:   First, this man was born paralyzed (3:2) and had remained in that condition for 40 years (4:22).   Second, his healing was not a gradual restoration but instantaneous and complete (3:7-8).   Third, the man himself was not expecting to be healed. It appears to catch him totally by surprise. He anticipated a monetary gift, not a superna...Read More

Healing in the New Testament Epistles - Part IRead More

Healing in the New Testament Epistles - Part IIRead More